We tried the food at home of chef Dani García: Michelin star in Just Eat with dishes at € 8

Dani Garcia, the Andalusian chef with three Michelin stars, is wanting to revolutionize the so-called delivery with a new service food at home under the name of “The Great Mediterranean Family”. This new project aims to reach all homes by the hand of Just Eat, with very reasonable prices but with the chef’s most iconic dishes.

After a confinement in between, Dani García’s team launches a new concept of food through a ghost restaurant that will unite the tastes of the whole family. There you can find everything from Asian food, gourmet sandwiches, Spanish or Italian cuisine, to healthy options. All of this form more than 100 plates available in just one click. At the moment, this service is only available to Madrid, Barcelona Y Marbella (the latter in a clear nod to his native Malaga).

With all the popularity that it has obtained since its inauguration, EL ESPAÑOL has wanted to try the chef’s favorite dishes, such as the Russian salad of prawns and quail eggs with garlic, the oxtail brioche and the Iberian ham croquettes. We thus value the speed of the service, the quality of their dishes and of course the price, which in this case has been a total of 39 euros.

Four dishes from Chef Dani García

For the new brand, the group has been inspired by 13, Rue del Percebe, the well-known comic of Francisco Ibáñez. Under the roof of this great Mediterranean family there are various characters that correspond to a style of cuisine. Among the most demanded to eat at home are MasterChef Family, with the typical dishes that they made in the program; Brio, brioches and meat baths; Paula Ordovás, a healthy food proposal; Tita Brava, traditional tapas, the best of each tavern; Pancho Suey, Chinese and Mexican; A lot of Mom, Italian food and Mr. Brasas, burgers.

The first thing that strikes you as soon as you place the order is the speed with which it is delivered. At the end of the payment, the website itself provides you with a follow-up of the food and gives you the option to choose the time you prefer to have it delivered, in this case we chose 15:15 and at 15:00 the delivery man was already there at the door.

Oxtail brioche

Oxtail brioche

The first dish to taste of the Great Mediterranean Family is the oxtail brioche, one of the dishes most demanded by customers, considered one of the “chef’s favorites”. In the restaurant menu it has a price of 7 euros and at home it comes out for 12 euros, adding 1.90 shipping costs, in total 6.90 euros more expensive.

Each container, with striking but practical designs, has its own individual compartments, so that food does not collide with each other. And here comes the mistake, the order had the chosen plates and a couple of napkins, but they forgot the most important thing, the cutlery.

The flaked oxtail brioche, mushroom slices, Bull sauce and arugula, comes in two units. The truth was that it was very good, tender and not cold at all. It comes with a separate envelope with the sauce so that you can add the amount you prefer.

Russian salad

The second dish that we have tried has been the Russian salad of prawns and fried quail eggs with Bibo Style garlic. Both in the restaurant menu and at home, this dish has a price of 9 euros.

Russian salad

This Russian white prawn salad comes with enough quantity so that you do not get hungry, very rich and with a good presentation. In the end, it is not easy to take a fried egg home, and it is an achievement that the yolk melts and the sprig remains intact. Although it is not a very practical dish to eat without cutlery.


The chef’s latest star dish is the Andalusian acorn-fed Iberian ham croquettes. The package has six units and is priced at 8 euros. As we have mentioned before, the pieces come in individual compartments so that they cannot collide and crumble together. On the cardboard you can see an original and funny phrase such as: “Girls, get warm we’re going out.”

Iberian ham croquettes

Iberian ham croquettes

One of the things that caught my attention is its temperature. Being croquettes and not eating them freshly made, the normal thing is that on the way they get cold, and on the contrary, they were perfect to consume them.


And last but not least, the dessert. In this case we wanted to choose the well-known Nutella ice cream with popcorn and caramelized hazelnuts, but it sold out in a matter of minutes, so we opted for the second most typical dessert of Lobito de Mar (Dani García’s restaurant on Jorge Juan street in Madrid), the ice cream Happy Hippo.

Happy Hippo

It has a price of 9 euros, but what stands out the most about this ice cream is its packaging. It comes covered in a polystyrene round, like a fridge, to maintain the temperature. The truth was that I was quite surprised, it was intact and nothing melted.

A surprising flavor and with a large quantity, ideal to stay full as soon as you finish eating.

After finishing the test of the chef’s best-known dishes Dani Garcia, I can say that it has been a success. A way to eat well, from home and at the same time enjoying the original packaging with which it is presented. In the end it is quite affordable and you have multiple dishes at your disposal.

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