Seven tips to get the most out of your Google searches

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If you think you know Google by heart, the same thing surprises you to discover that there are some tricks that could come in handy.

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Google is the most used search engine in the world and neither Microsoft nor Yahoo nor anyone seems to be able to change that in the short term. Maybe the European Union.

Its adaptability and simplicity are key to staying leaders and have been the elements that in its first years got users to choose it over its competitors. To which must be added that, since 2003, when it arrived in Spain, it has not stopped adding other services that have become fundamental: from Google Maps to YouTube, without forgetting Gmail or Calendar.

But as much as we think we know the Google search well, it is possible that there are some details that escape us. For those we have compiled seven elements that you could use to know.

1. Search by voice or images

Google allows, both from the mobile phone and from the browser, to dictate the terms you want to search for. All you have to do is press the microphone-shaped icon found in the search box itself and press ‘Search with Google’ or ‘I’m going to be lucky’, to directly open the first website in results.

To search from a photo, open Google Images and press the camera-shaped icon, which, like the mic, is also in the search box. Then the search engine will give you the option to enter the URL of the image you want to search for similar images or directly upload it from your gallery and computer.

2. Trending Topics

If you access from the Google mobile applications, both in iOS and Android, when you press the search bar, the topics and the words that are trending will appear, that is, the most searched at that moment. A quick and easy way to see which words are the most ‘googled’ by other users.

3. Includes or excludes terms

Just as you can search for specific phrases, using quotation marks, Google allows a search for several specific terms together, in such a way that if on a website some of those you have entered does not appear, it will not be included in results. To use this command, just add ‘and’ between the words you want to search for, to do a search ensuring that all terms are included.

In case you want to search for pages that contain both terms, use ‘or’ between each one. However, to exclude one of them, that is, that the results that appear do not include that word, use a hyphen before it in the search box.

4. Several commands at the same time

In Google you can use several commands at the same time to carry out your searches, as long as you do it with a certain structure. To divide or separate the first command from the rest, use parentheses. For example, to search for two terms, open parentheses and place them with an ‘and’ between the two. If you want to exclude another word at the same time, write it outside the parentheses with a hyphen in front of it.

5. Find the version of a cached website

This command is very useful if you cannot access a website, because it has still been saturated with visits and does not allow access, that is, it has fallen. The easiest thing is to perform the search normally, press the triangle that appears in the results next to the title of each website and click ‘Cached’. Keep in mind that to use this trick on the mobile, you must activate in the browser ‘see in the Desktop version’.

Likewise, there is another way to search for it directly from the search box, by typing ‘cache:’ and the web address, this time with the three w’s.

6. Search results within a web

For example, this trick is very useful if you are looking for news from a specific medium. To search for terms within a specific website, type ‘site:’ followed by the address of the website without the three w’s. Keep in mind that you will also order them by the most popular or those that have had the most visits, so you will also know which articles have been more successful within the search terms.

7. Search for documents in a specific format

Google also indexes documents that are online, such as pdf. To search directly for the document without having to search within a web, type ‘filetype:’, then the format in which you want to search, next to the name of the file. Likewise, in the results, Google will tell you in what format each one of them is, to make sure before pressing.

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