Maira Fernández, Eliana Cuchietti and Nazareno Fernández are three from Mendoza who inaugurated a Creole polyamory with a home format. They are not marginal. They put the thing together, as always. They became such friends that in the end they brought Nazareno into the game, this boyfriend of Eliana who today lavishes himself twice to have a duo well cared for that can wear out the best soloist with serenades after hours.

If the idea of ​​a traditional couple has lost steam, it is not bad to learn to climb the Cordillera to enjoy a more popular desire. In the homeland of good sun and good wine, this pairing improves the fame of polyamory shaking, because it is not an open relationship, but a closed and self-sufficient trio that gives more chances to home fidelity and expands the limits of tolerance, inclusion and big bed. Deep down, this being able to have a girlfriend and a lover, at home and in peace, is a tribute to the warmth of home.

The issue always hovered in the male fantasy, but now women do not take their bodies out of these possibilities, according to a recent study by the Labyrinth Group or GL, made up of more than a dozen specialized psychologists and psychiatrists. In his consultations it is guessed that, in couples these days, infidelity is an option that gains space. Because the two are choosing neighborhoods and processing reinforcements for a retreating passion to which the pandemic seems to have infected more reluctance than symptoms.

Three years ago Florencia Peña whitewashed the issue by saying that fidelity had prescribed and that with her partner they had an open relationship that led to allowed bedridden with neighbors and relatives. And it was she, by those coincidences of life, who enlivened the atmosphere of a presidential residence that, without masks or advertisements, inaugurated a new way of managing shared audiences.

The trios were always there, they were never lost. Although there are some who are grieving for returns that do not arrive. The emeritus King Juan Carlos I, a paper man who is still at large, intends to recover the gift he made to Corinne, his former lover: 65 million euros. And she, a regal lady, in love with stained glass, told her that those presents, like that past, are not returned. And that forgetting also costs. Juan Carlos is one of those who believe that returns are sacred and that a king with a fulfilled mandate cannot be denied his thirst for reparations and caresses.

Corinne rejected him as a lover but not as a donor

In the homeland of good sun and good wine, this Mendoza pairing enhances the fame of polyamorous shaking

She rejected him as a lover but not as a donor. And with his refusal, he reaffirmed that all love requires a long processing of deliveries and returns. A millionaire novel that adds freshness and amateurism to the adventures of this Mendoza, a good servant and without lineage, who got himself two well-planted commoners and who without help or scandal set up a love camp in an area of ​​cliffs, to remind us that coexistence is a climb that can take you to the summit or the abyss.

Something like this was transmitted by Rosario justice when rejecting this week the request of a woman “who requested the annulment of her marriage, claiming that her husband is gay, after taking into account that sexual orientation was defined nine years after that union.” The ruling is conclusive: he worked as a husband for 8 years and now wants to fine him for giving in and reluctance. Trio pardoned and case closed.

It was a week with many detours and a sequel of statements (some infamous, such as that of deputies Iglesias and Wolff) that bounced between the gardens of Olivos and splashed a very crowded and festive presidential quarantine.

The appearance of this homely trio was enhanced when it was learned that in Olivos they had set up a visiting program in the middle of the stay-at-home season. Although Minister Cafiero declares that all the appointments were for work, there is no lack of bad thinking that he believes that these on early morning shifts had only the mission of animating long late nights without protocols or slides. But the power always has spare vaccines. And between chosen and cast, the work meetings revealed that, when Dylan goes to the table, some attendees begin to ask to be thrown a bone.


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