At the time of conquest and encounter, the way of kissing can be one of the characteristics of the other or the other that we love or disappoint us. There are also zodiacal compatibilities when kissing between signs of the same element (air, fire, water, earth) or between opposite complementary signs.

This is how he kisses each sign:

* How Aries kisses

The Aries tongue is usually furious and sharp, like a sword, and woe to anyone who is not close to such a display of energetic movement.

Let’s not wait for calm, or slowness, or patience. Rather the opposite, impatience, but also the advance and the stolen kiss that surprises and ignites everything in its path.

* How Taurus kisses

With Taurus we take the time, we go slow and we enjoy the way we have to enjoy the approach. How to get to the kiss, how the previous moments are passed, is important for these gentlemen and great kissers. The rhythm is slow and deep, the flavor is important, the perfume too.

* How Gemini kisses

We are back to speed with Gemini. The kiss will be quick and moving, without pretense of depth, but with an almost childlike playful will. And in the middle, between kiss and kiss, there are words, comments, clarifications, jokes, gossip and laughter. Yapa: the stolen kisses. Be careful because Geminis may think of kissing more than one at a time.

* How Cancer kisses

Cancerian matchmakers and hyper-traditionalists will not give a stitch without a thread, that is, they will not kiss you without a ring, without love and the promise of children. The kiss will always go with extreme warmth, wet, careful and with delicacy.

* How Leo kisses

Leo is in his own mambo and, like all fire signs of the zodiac, imposes his own rules of the game. Boring. Ideal to complement those who get carried away. The lion kiss has its corollary in the boasts of “being a good kisser.” The difficulty: slowing him down and pulling the handle off him.

* How Virgo kisses

Virgo takes his time, without haste and goes step by step. Sometimes it is difficult for them to open up to meet the other, and that translates into their way of kissing.

If they are very phobic, they cut you off suddenly and leave you in complete bewilderment. The danger: that while they are on the matter they get lost in distant, analytical and complicated thoughts.
Virgo takes his time, without haste and goes step by step.

* How Libra kisses
Libra is a perfect kisser. When one moves forward, Libra leaves room and waits… and knows the best time to counter the movement.

Libra complements itself to the beat of the most harmonious rhythm: they are moist, confident and hot mouths. In between, a talk, wine and good music will not be lacking to accompany the great moment.

* How Scorpio kisses

Scorpio is the most intense kisser. The chemistry that he achieves in that encounter alchemy with yours to produce an unexpected fusion that will take a long time to get rid of. The kiss is passionate and ties up to unsuspected limits. He doesn’t kiss you, he hypnotizes you, he controls you and everything becomes too strong, too fast.

* How Sagittarius kisses

The kiss will be playful, fun, adventurous. The places will be the most unusual both inside and outside: on the edge of a ledge or on a 20th floor, the Sagittarius feels more comfortable connecting in depth at a party or a bowling alley than inside the house. But also, the kiss does not stay on the lips, it wets the nose, the cheeks, until it passes (too quickly) from the kiss to another topic. Fire, movement and anxiety reign. The impossible: lower a change.

* How Capricorn kisses

Formal kisses in a timely manner, when you have to kiss, neither before nor after and with the consent of others. The spontaneity of the kiss stealing procedure is totally unknown to him. The limits are clear and the movements forceful and penetrating. A lot of peak, a lot of formal kiss, a lot of rehearsal time to bring the kiss to perfection.

* How Aquarius kisses

Crazy kisses, surprise kisses, kisses of three or four languages, boys and girls, between friends. Many mouths that fight in the same temporary space, the orgy will be infinite. The kiss will be original or it will not be. Nothing is tolerated for long in one place. The after: if I’ve seen you, I don’t remember.

* How Pisces kisses

Imagination enhances the power of the kiss and makes it explode in an ocean of intensities. They are fusing kisses, so there is no fear of getting lost in the other. Risk of depersonalization. The union is strength and precipitates to unsuspected places in the cosmos. Full romanticism. Crying and depth of encounter. Pure sensitivity, an Arian dies of boredom.

Source: FM Córdoba


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