The Perseids fulfill this zodiac sign a wish

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The Perseids reach their peak on August 12th and 13th. You can read here for which zodiac signs according to the horoscope a wish could come true.

Every year the so-called Perseids revive our sky in summer and make us believe that it is raining stars. The spectacle can be seen for us from July 17th to August 24th, and it always reaches its climax around August 12th – there should be up to 60 shooting stars per hour. In 2021, the Perseids can be easily observed, as the new moon on August 8th makes the nights when they really pick up speed particularly dark.

What are the Perseids and why do we see them?

The Perseids are a meteor shower made from the decay products of comet 109P, also known as Swift-Tuttle. On its elliptical orbit around the sun, the comet continuously loses material and leaves a trail of dust or debris. In August, the earth crosses the orbit of this comet on its way around the sun. When the debris from Swift-Tuttle hits our atmosphere at high speed, they illuminate particles of air that appear to us as falling stars.

According to a myth, the moment we see a falling star in the sky, we can make a wish. According to the horoscope, under the influence of the Perseids, i.e. thanks to the debris cloud of our disintegrating comet friend Swift-Tuttle, the following zodiac signs in particular have a good chance that at least one of their wishes will come true – regardless of whether they recognize glowing air particles in our atmosphere or not.

Horoscope: The Perseids fulfill a wish for this zodiac sign


Leos usually have no difficulty in convincing others of themselves – what they want from the heart is to be one hundred percent convinced of themselves for once. Well, according to the horoscope, this wish could come true in the course of the Perseids. Surprisingly, it will not be about a particular achievement that you perform, but about decisions that you make and the values ​​that they reflect. It is through them that you can see that you are doing your best and that you are in tune with yourself on the whole. And this realization feels very good.


The desire to be unconditionally accepted and loved is familiar to most people – including Libra. At the time of the Perseid climax you will feel that there is one or even several people in your life for whom you are above all and irreplaceable, without having to do anything other than being yourself.


Sagittarius will support the Perseids in letting go of something that has unconsciously blocked them for a long time and prevented them from opening up to new opportunities and life models. In the course of this, you will find that shaping changes and getting involved in them is your great strength, and that you are well prepared and armed for the time ahead. This experience gives you courage and confidence.

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