Benefits of breastfeeding on the microbiota of infants

Taking care of the microbiota is important at all stages of our life, as it has a strong impact on our immune and digestive systems. It is normal for having an altered microbiota to appear bloating, gas, an upset stomach, we are vulnerable to more diseases … Therefore, how can breast milk help the microbiota of infants?

Breast milk contains probiotics

Breast milk, in addition to being a very nutritious food for babies, contains natural probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are living microorganisms, while prebiotics are “indigestible substances that selectively stimulate the favorable growth of probiotic bacteria,” according to the study. Microbiota of the mammary gland.

This makes breast milk a valuable food that will allow these live microorganisms colonize the intestines of babies, which will have many benefits for them during their growth. Although, the microbiota must continue to take care of itself throughout life.

Helps develop a strong immune system

When the microbiota is balanced, the immune system is in good shape to deal with certain diseases. Therefore, breastfeeding will help babies begin to develop strong immune systems to protect against infectious diseases.

Reduces the risk of allergies

Another benefit of breastfeeding on the microbiota of infants is that the development of many allergies will be avoided. According to Spanish Society of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Pediatric Asthma (SEICAP), in Spain the prevalence of asthma in pediatrics is 10%.

Up to this point it is important to have a good microbiota from the first years of life. For this reason, breastfeeding is very positive and it is advisable to take advantage, above all, of colostrum. This liquid that comes out at the beginning of lactation and is considered “liquid gold” for its excellent properties.

Prevents the development of diabetes

Several studies, like Microbiota and type 2 diabetes mellitus, which have linked the development of diabetes with the microbiota. Breastfeeding by promoting the development of a microbiota in good condition can prevent this disease from babies.

Helps avoid obesity

In addition to diabetes, another benefit that breastfeeding has on the microbiota of infants is that it will prevent them from being obese in the near future, when they are children. Although good eating habits will help, in the future, breastfeeding can be a good way to start contribute to prevention of a problem that affects many children in Spain.

As we can see, breastfeeding has benefits for the microbiota of infants both in the short and long term. I eat well explains the AEPED, “In the long term, non-breastfed children more frequently suffer from atopic dermatitis, allergy, asthma, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis and cancer“.

Although in the future those babies who will become children and later adults should continue to take care of their microbiota To stay healthy, breastfeeding is a good way to start.


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