‘Love is in the air’ closes its first season: the best moments in the history of Eda and Serkan

  • In the season one finale, Eda has discovered that Serkan is ill.

  • On Monday at 5:45 p.m., the second season of ‘Love is in the air’ on Divinity

  • Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin are the stars of ‘Love is in the air’

The first season of ‘Love is in the air’ has come to an end. Eda and Serkan, the leading couple of the series of the moment, have put an end to this first stage of their relationship, leaving us an infinity of unforgettable moments. We loved them from the first chapter and they have been falling in love with us more and more every day. Has anyone been able to forget the day Eda forced Serkan to introduce her as his girlfriend making their lives change forever?

There began a crazy story that ended up becoming an absolutely unforgettable love that has conquered millions of viewers. Each meeting of the couple made the fans sigh of love, who saw how little by little, the love of the protagonists grew to such an extent that the florist was the first to discover the great secret of the businessman, which thrills Eda with her confession.

Serkan, each day closer to Eda, told her his great secret

Eda and Serkan’s most sensual moment

But if there is a moment that we can never, never, never forget, that is your date in After a couple of days in Antalya. After closing a major business, the couple enjoyed a shower of stars in the temple of Apollo and a bath in a hidden waterfall. Away from everyone and everything, Eda and Serkan starred in a real moment. How much chemistry!

The most anticipated statement

And although the connection between them was more than evident, the couple spent more than two months playing cat and mouse until the day came. And if, Eda had to put Serkan on the ropes and head to Italy for the businessman to take the step. Desperate for the idea of ​​losing her, the businessman started a mad chase through Istanbul, stopped the taxi in which the florist was traveling and declared himself. “I can’t stop thinking about you. You’ve taken over me. Eda, don’t go. I have fallen madly in love with you“.

Serkan pleads with Eda

But not all have been good times

And although they are the romantic moments of the couple that have made us sigh for love, we cannot forget that their history has not been a bed of roses. Lthe couple has faced some really tough and dramatic moments that are equally unforgettable and that have marked their relationship. Has anyone ever forgotten the moment when Eda discovered that Serkan’s father was responsible for the accident in which his parents died?

Eda discovers that Serkan’s father is responsible for the death of his parents

And when did Serkan confess that he had forgotten her? The businessman’s words broke Eda’s heart (and that of the fans). His life became a real hell. Eda went down in history and not a vague memory remained of her.

The hard reunion of Eda and Serkan after the accident

‘Love is in the air’, a series full of magical moments

These are just some of the unforgettable moments that ‘Love is in the air’ has left us in this first season, but there are many more. His first kiss, the day he handcuffed Eda to get her back, his ‘Ghost’ moment or when he saw her dressed as a bride for the first time. Do you want to remember them all? In Divinity we have compiled them all so you can relive them over and over again. Do not miss it!

On Monday, the second season of ‘Love is in the air’

A stage has concluded but tranquility. There’s still a lot of ‘Love is in the air’ left and it won’t take long to find out how Eda and Serkan’s love story continues. Starting Monday, August 9 at 5:45 p.m. on Divinity, the new episodes of the series of the moment. You can not lose this!

Eda and Serkan, in the second season of ‘Love is in the air’

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