11:42 – basketball

France defeats Serbia in the match for third place in the women’s draw (91-76) and takes the bronze.

The United States and Japan will meet tomorrow morning at 4:30.

11:40 – medal table

Espaa He already has 16 medals, of which three today.

The complete ranking of the medals, led by China.

11:32 – Tokyo 2020


12h30 – Artistic swimming – final.

13h30 – Final of the soccer tournament: Brazil-Espaa.

From 1:40 p.m. – Athletics – 1,500m final with Ignacio Fontes and Adeel Mechaal.

The detailed program.

11:27 – handball

SPAIN IN BRONZE! Victory against Egypt (33-31) and medal for Hispanics.

Relive the game of Spain minute by minute.

11:07 – handball

15 minutes to go Come in Espaa Y Egypt for bronze. Very balanced match.

Enter our direct minute by minute.

11:04 – cycling on track

Finish Madison’s career. Albert Torres and Sebastin Mora they end in sixth position with 14 points.

Denmark takes the gold, the United Kingdom the silver and France the bronze.

11:00 – cycling on track

Two others in sprint 18, Spain is sixth.

10:57 – cycling on track

Five more points for Torres / Mora who win sprint 17.

10:55 – modern pentatln

Aleix Heredia nails it in horsemanship. 286 points over 300 possible.

10:53 – cycling on track

Two more points for Spain in the sprint. There are still laps.

10:51 – waterpolo

Read the chronicle of our special envoy to Japan, Lucas de la Cal:


The United States crushes Spain in the final: “It is the best team of all time”

10:47 – cycling on track

With 70 laps to go at Madison, Spain remains ninth with 5 points. France leads with 29 points.

10:45 – medal table

The women’s water polo silver medal is the fifteenth of Espaa.

The complete ranking of the medals, led by China.

10:39 – cycling on track

10:37 – handball

Rest. Good start of Espaa in the match for the bronze between versus Egypt (19-16).

Enter our direct minute by minute.

10:30 – waterpolo

America takes the gold! Third consecutive Olympic title for American players who easily discard Spain (5-14).

The Spaniards, ultra-dominated, lose in the second Olympic final of its history and takes the silver medal.

10:26 – waterpolo

There are two minutes until the game is over. Spain will take the silver5-14).

10:25 – cycling on track

El do Towers-Mora He’s already on the track and has just scored for the first time at Madison.

10:20 – waterpolo

America keeps running away 4-13. Except for a miracle, the medal is sentenced.

10:16 – modern pentatln

Thanks to a good fencing test bonus, Aleix Heredia count already 495 points, before riding. Spanish is 24o.

10:14 – waterpolo

Aria Fischer, completely forgotten in the area, scores the 4-12.

10:12 – waterpolo

The eleventh penalty. One more minute, and another quarter, for the ordeal to end (4-11).

10:10 – waterpolo

The hole is made. Laura Ester, without defense, cannot do anything (4-10).

10:06 – waterpolo

The wall Ashleigh Johnson it leaves no choice to the Spanish.

10:04 – waterpolo

There is no one to stop this machine. Aria Fischer now (4-9). Spain has it difficult.

10:03 – waterpolo

The course begins again. 4-8 for the US.

10:00 – handball

Now we go with the match for the bronze between Spain and Egypt.

Follow our direct minute by minute.

09:59 – waterpolo

Rest between Spain and the United States in the women’s water polo final. Ultra dominacin norteamericana at the start of the game, but the Spanish women seem awaker at last. It is broken, there is hope4-7).

09:57 – waterpolo

Laura Ester saves her, counterattack by Spain and goal by Mother Garca (4-7).

09:55 – waterpolo

Bea Ortiz scores for Spain, and the response from the United States is immediate: 3-7 on the scoreboard.

09:53 – waterpolo

Spain is finally cutting back, thanks to Maica Garca (2-6).

09:52 – waterpolo

What game is the American goalkeeper Ashleigh Johnson doing?

09:49 – waterpolo

Another American goal. Spanish women sink1-6).

09:46 – waterpolo

Laura Ester cannot save him. Mackenzie Fischer scores and USA scores distance (1-5).

09:45 – handball

In just 15 minutes, the bronze match between Spain and Egypt begins. You can follow it here live.

09:43 – waterpolo

And another, missing a second. What a nightmare! (1-4)

09:41 – waterpolo

Outnumbered, Miki Oca’s side conceded another goal at the end of the first half (1-3). American dominance is total.

09:39 – waterpolo

Goal of Spain! Roses Tarrag mark in the far distance and allow to crop (1-2).

09:37 – waterpolo

Margaret Steffens scores second for USA (0-2).

09:34 – waterpolo

Defensively waterproof. The Americans resist all Spanish attacks.

09:32 – waterpolo

The United States opens the scoring in the first minute of the game (0-1).

09:30 – waterpolo

Start the Spain-United States, remake of the 2012 final in London!

09:15 – waterpolo

Only fifteen minutes until the second Olympic final in history of the Spanish women’s water polo.

09:07 – modern pentatln

Good performance from Aleix Heredia in fencing. Waiting for the final results.

09:03 – vley

Argentina crowned in bronze. The Argentine players beat the Brazilians in the fifth set (15-13) and took third place in the men’s table.

At 2:15 p.m. (Spanish time), France and Russia will face off for gold.

08:52 – vley

Argentina and Brazil, who compete for third place in the men’s table, have shared the sets (2-2). Final round decisive for the medal.

8:30 am – modern pentatln

Soon follow the fencing events, to which Aleix participate Heredia.

08:25 – handball

In hour and half, we have a match for a bronze medal between Egypt and Spain.

This was the path of the Hispanics:

8:13 am – modern pentatln

The series ends 200 meter swimming modern pentatln. The egyptian Amro El Gerizy put yourself first with 325 points. The Spanish, Aleix Heredia, backs up in the rankings to the 33rd position with their 295 points.

08:00 – Tokyo 2020

Schedule and medal options for the Spaniards this Saturday, August 7

07:44 – waterpolo

Hungary takes away bronze from Russia. The Hungarian, who lost in the semifinal against Spain, beat the Russians (11-9) in the match for the bronze medal.

At 9:30 am, the Spanish team will face the United States to gold.

07:42 – golf

The New Zealand Lydia Ko wins the extension to the Japanese Mone Inami and takes the silver medal.

07:35 – modern pentatln

Aleix Heredia is classified third in his series in 200 meters swimming with a mark of 2’07”78. The Spaniard now counts 295 points. Waiting for the other series.

07:13 – waterpolo

Rest in the match for the third place of the women’s table between Hungary and the Russian Olympic Committee. The Hungarian, thanks to a more dynamic second quarter, are gaining 7-5.

07:05 – medal table

With today’s silver medal in canoeing, Espaa already occupies the position 20 of the Olympic medal table.

The complete ranking of the medals, led by China.

07:02 – modern pentatln

Half an hour left for the swimming event (200 meters) of the modern pentathon. The Spanish, Aleix Heredia, currently counts 196 points and goes in the position 23.

06:48 – golf

Nelly Korda Olympic champion! The American finishes the competition at -17. Japan’s Inami and New Zealand’s Ko complete the podium.

06:46 – basketball

Read the chronicle of our special envoy to Tokyo, Lucas Saez-Bravo, on the American victory in basketball:

Kevin Durant’s gold, the gold of the more earthly USA Team

06:44 – waterpolo

The match for the bronze between the Hungarian and the Russian begins.

06:35 – modern pentatln

One hour left for the swimming event (200 m) of the modern pentathon. The Spanish, Aleix Heredia, currently counts 196 points and goes in the position 23.

06:23 – basketball

THE UNITED STATES TAKES THE GOLD! Fourth consecutive Olympic medal for the USA, which is won by France (87-82) in the end.

Relive the game minute by minute.

06:20 – piragism

El canogismo, official medal supplier for Spain:

06:14 – golf

Fourth day of competition in the women’s event. Azahara Muoz (H18, +6) and Carlota Ciganda (F, -4) They are a long way from American leader Nelly Korda (-17).

06:09 – piragism

With today’s silver medal, the Spanish flag bearer Salt Craviotto equals David Cal as Spanish athlete with the most Olympic medals (5).

06:03 – program of the day

07h30 – Modern pentatln with Aleix Heredia

09h30 – Water polo – final of the women’s tournament: Espaa-USA.

09h55 – Track Cycling – Madison Final with Albert Torres and Sebastin Mora.

10h00 – Handball – Match for bronze: Egypt-Espaa.

12h30 – Artistic swimming – final.

13h30 – Final of the soccer tournament: Brazil-Espaa.

From 1:40 p.m. – Athletics – 1,500m final with Ignacio Fontes and Adeel Mechaal.

The detailed program.

05:53 – basketball

He is a quarter ahead in the men’s Olympic final between France and the United States. The Americans are winning 71-57 against the Gauls.

Follow our direct minute by minute.

05:51 – piragism

Read the chronicle of our special envoy to Tokyo about the silver medal in K4-500:

Spain remains two tenths from the top of canoeing: silver in the K4

05:45 – athletics

In the test of maratn, the Spanish did not shine. Elena Loyo has ended 29 and Marta Galimany 37. Laura Mndez, for its part,had to give up.

The Kenyan, Peres Jepchirchir, takes the gold in 2h 27m 20s. The other Kenyan Brigid Kosgei and the American Molly Seidel complete the podium.

05:42 – piragism

NEW MEDAL FOR SPAIN! Shall Craviotto, Marcus Walz, Carlos Arvalo and Rodrigo Germade manage to place in second position of the sprint in K4-500 and ensure the silver medal behind the Germans.

The Spaniards made a mark of 1m 22,44s, just two tenths behind the German Olympic champions.

05:30 – START

Good morning! We go with the 15th day of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. last days of competition.

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