The Government of Chile sent a protest note to Argentina to complain about the new National Defense Directives, published by the Government last month.

According to note 7285 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Chile – which this newspaper accessed – these directives include Argentine prerogatives over a territory that belongs to Chile.

The document refutes the fact that Argentina attributes joint controls over Magellanic and Antarctic zones that Santiago considers as their own. And it also warns that free transit prevails in the maritime areas of the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.

From the latter, a kind of warning and rejection of the sanctions that the Alberto Fernández government imposed oil companies that explore in waters in dispute with the United Kingdom can be deduced. But also because of the hardening of national policy in the context of the sovereignty conflict.

Note number 7285 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile to which Clarín had access was delivered to the Argentine embassy in Santiago, commanded by former Foreign Minister Rafael Bielsa. It refers to decree 457/2021 of July 19, which formalized the new National Defense Policy Directive. This DPDN is made up of about 40 pages in which the Ministry of Defense talks about what its guidelines will be.

In this mixture of what was the doctrine of Cristina Kirchner – especially her alliance with Chavismo in Venezuela and an anti-sanctions and anti “interference” look – plus other aspects that remained of the doctrine in Defense of Mauricio Macri, the current Government He detailed several paragraphs on the “Strategic Appraisal of the Regional Scenario”.

It is about this that the Chilean note refers to a paragraph in which the Argentine Doctrine speaks that it is “fundamental to continue strengthening the exploration, study and joint control over the Strait of Magellan and the Mar de Hoces (Drake Sea), spaces strategic both for their role as natural waterways between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and for constituting privileged access points to the Antarctic continent ”.

Then, the note from the Chilean Foreign Ministry reminded the Argentine Government that the Strait of Magellan, “including” its two banks, “is Chilean sovereign territory in accordance with the provisions of the 1881 Treaty”, which “has been reiterated in Article 10 of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1984. ” And it says: “Consequently, Chile rejects what was raised by Argentina in the DPDN on an alleged joint control for lacking legal support and not being appropriate under the applicable treaties.

It then points out that the Sea of ​​Drake, which for Argentina is the Sea of ​​Sickles, Chile considers that “there is no joint control there either and that, in accordance with international law of the sea, it will continue to exercise all the sovereign rights that correspond to them, as well as the freedoms recognized by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea ”.

From the beginning, it is known that for Chile in that area there is neither an Atlantic Ocean nor a Pacific Ocean, but they consider it the Southern Ocean.

Clarín consulted the Ministry of Defense and they attributed the authorship of these foreign policy paragraphs to the Argentine Foreign Ministry. The Foreign Ministry took note of the consultation and acknowledged the existence of “an error” that they will “rectify” in the text of the new doctrine. Regarding this aspect, several Argentine sources considered that paragraph of supposed joint control of an area that is Chilean as an unnecessary error by the Argentines.

“That strategic plan makes mistakes in the sense that it cannot involve other countries in that way. Bad practice. It causes unnecessary conflict, ”said a source.

The Government of Piñera and Alberto F. had several crossroads during the information management of health policy, but also on the extension of the Argentine continental shelf that in some small points in the south of the country were refuted by Chile. Beneath the Mar de Hoces is the so-called Media Luna, which is a portion of the extended continental shelf under Argentine sovereignty, which Chile has objected to since 2020. An error by the Chilean Foreign Ministry did not warn that the Argentines were presenting that folder as such in Nations United since 2009.

The Defense Directive has sparked several controversies since it was published in the Decree last month. The opposition of Together for Change in the Chamber of Deputies even presented a project in which it asks the Government to nullify the National Defense Policy Directive (DPDN), and whose analysis of the regional situation implies support for the Nicolás regime Mature.


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