On July 2, one of the most important leaders of Vox and most active in social networks, Macarena Olona, he opened the box of thunder after posting a photograph on Twitter of his vaccination in the Zendal Hospital from Madrid.

Immediately, the general secretary of the Vox group in the Congress of Deputies received an avalanche of criticism from many tweeters who did not hide their sympathy for the party of Santiago Abascal and that they considered the snapshot a “free publicity”, a “bullshit” or even an endorsement of the “State-pharmaceutical collusion that is leading our country to bankruptcy.”

Far from being residual, several of these profiles have thousands of followers on the social network. Some of them, following the photograph, were involved in discussions about the “globalist system”, about the supposed fraud in the manufacture of vaccines or about the alleged “satanic plans” of Bill Gates.

There were even those who expressed their “absolute disappointment” with the Vox leader for having posted a photo in which she was seen scared by the puncture, and who openly showed their denialism with vaccines and speculated on the hypothetical harmful effects that the dose could have on Olona’s health.

The truth is that the selfie Posted by Olona is the exception that confirms an unwritten rule. None of the main leaders of the Vox leadership, starting with its president, many of them also with great activity in the networks, has decided to share with their followers the photo of their vaccination.

This attitude contrasts with that of leaders and leaders of the rest of the formations of the parliamentary arch. From the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, to the leader of the opposition, Pablo Casado, through the second vice president, Yolanda Diaz, the leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, or that of Citizens, Ines Arrimadas, all have shown the photograph of the moment of the vaccine.


Pablo Casado came to propose during a parliamentary debate to Sánchez that both should be vaccinated together as a way to encourage the population to do so. And it is that several international leaders, authorities and celebrities decided in their day to get vaccinated in front of the cameras to try to scare away the fears of many citizens after the problems of thrombi detected with AstraZeneca.

When asked then, Abascal said that he preferred not to enter “into matters of promoting one thing or another”, and that Vox limited itself to asking the Government to provide the vaccine “to all people who want to be vaccinated”, without “penalizing” to those who do not want to.

Sources from the Vox environment assure that the fact that there are no photos of their leaders being vaccinated, except for Olona, ​​does not respond to “anything special.” They emphasize that the party “respects the privacy of each one” and that both getting vaccinated and taking a picture is something “personal.” All this, they clarify, within a clear position of Vox, that getting vaccinated is merely something “voluntary”.

However, and although in Spain the rejection of vaccination is minimal compared to other countries, it is easy to detect in social networks that the denialist group follows and identifies more with Vox than with other parties, probably because of the defense that this party makes those who prefer not to be vaccinated and their opposition to measures such as the requirement of the Covid passport.

Recently, the spokesperson for the Vox management, Jorge Buxadé, affirmed in a hearing to explain the opposition of the party to the establishment of any type of passport Covid, which defends the freedom of vaccination: “We understand those who want to be vaccinated and we understand those who do not want to be vaccinated,” he said.


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