To get into the army, they had to surrender "virginity test"

To get into the army, they had to surrender "virginity test"

The degrading practice of “testing the virginity” of military recruited women has been criticized for decades by human rights groups. It was used in Indonesia. The method, also called the “two-finger technique”, aimed to eliminate women who were not virgins from the ranks of the Indonesian army.

The hymen was to be intact

The virginity testing procedure was known in Indonesia as the “two-finger test” because during the test, doctors put two fingers into the woman’s vagina to check that the hymen was intact. Persons found to be deprived of their virginity were rejected from recruiting into the military.

After many years of protests by human rights associations, Army Chief of Staff General Andik Perkas signaled in June 2021 an end to decades-long practice and said women would be recruited in the same way as men. Recruits will be selected on the basis of their “ability to follow the military educational process,” Perkasa said in an excerpt from a teleconference posted on the official Indonesian Army account last year.

In some cases, vaginal examination was also carried out not only on women recruited into the military, but also on fiancées of military officers.

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“This is the price for women joining the military. Trauma.”

The news of the change was enthusiastically received by organizations fighting for human rights, as well as by women who had to go through a humiliating and unsound medical practice. Anindi, who took the test 24 years ago as an 18-year-old candidate for the Navy in Yogyakarta, did not pass the “virginity test”, although she scored high in all other tests.

“I didn’t want to be groped without my consent. So I told the doctor to stop and told her I was not a virgin.”, Anindi commented on “The Guardian”. “I stopped her not because I was afraid she would find out I wasn’t a virgin, but because I felt uncomfortable with the procedure. There is a price to pay for women joining the military. Trauma.”

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“This study has no scientific value or clinical indication – the appearance of the hymen is not a reliable indicator of sexual intercourse, and there is no known study that can prove a history of vaginal intercourse,” the WHO said in a 2018 report entitled “Eliminating Virginity Testing” (” Eliminate Virginity Testing “).

“It is not fair that, through a virginity test, women were required to prove their morality. What about male recruits? How do you prove it?” Asked Alim Qibtiyah, commissioner at the National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan).

Finally, they ended the offensive practice

Indonesian armed forces have finally completed so-called “virginity tests” as part of a women’s recruitment process. Indonesian military spokesman General Budiman announced that all three military types – army, navy and air force – “successfully completed virginity tests” for recruitment.

According to organizations fighting for women’s rights, the Indonesian government should investigate the trauma of this shameful method on women and provide victims with the necessary support. This is important for both the military and the nation as a whole and will help prevent similar ill-treatment in the future. Women wishing to join the armed forces of a country should not overcome discrimination and abuses to this end.

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