Kinesiologist declared that Maradona’s leg “exploded with liquid”

The kinesiologist Nicolás Esteban Taffarel, who treated Diego Maradona some time before his death to treat his mobility problems, said yesterday that when the former soccer player was discharged from the Olivos Clinic after neurosurgery, he was “swollen” and had “the leg right that exploded with liquid ”, one of the signs of the pulmonary edema that caused his death. In the testimonial statement that he made yesterday before the prosecutors Cosme Iribarren, Patricio Ferrari and Laura Capra, the kinesiologist known as “Taffa” expressed that the days before his death he saw Maradona “deteriorated and delivered” and acknowledged that “everyone” knew that he consumed “alcohol and marijuana.”

In the last year, this kinesiologist who is the brother-in-law of the lawyer Víctor Stinfale, visited and had frequent contact with Maradona for his mobility problems.

“Regarding the mood, I saw him deteriorated and delivered. Of the physical I saw it swollen, one day I worried and left it captured. I told the nurse, “said Taffarel, who acknowledged that he had direct contact with the doctor Leopoldo Luque, one of the main defendants in the case, with whom he had” appreciation for being co-workers. “

“I told Luque things that in my opinion were wrong or I saw them wrong. When he saw something strange, he would warn him just in case, “he explained, after which he accused Carlos Orlando Ibáñez, better known as” Charly, Rocío Oliva’s cousin, of being the person who supplied Maradona with alcohol and marijuana.

Regarding the consumption of alcohol and drugs, the kinesiologist assured that “everyone knew it, with Luque he always spoke when Diego drank a lot. He took the morning when he woke up. The worst period of ingestion was when Charly was there, it was terrible ”. Later, the prosecutors asked him about one of the chats that were incorporated into the file, in which he said that “the ten (by ten) is with a lot of edema, he has a lot of edema in his legs,” and the kinesiologist replied that ” when he left the Olivos Clinic he had his right leg exploded with liquid ”.

“At home it was reduced a bit, but it was still swollen and that’s when I asked why they didn’t give him more diuretics and I told Luque and he told me that the doctors from the social work handled that,” he said.

Regarding the swelling that Maradona suffered, Tamara Débora Mansilla (38), a nurse who currently works in the Military Hospital and in a Buenos Aires government home, also stated that she took care of Maradona only once. As he recalled, the former soccer star himself told him the phrase “look how my leg is,” in reference to his edema.

Mansilla told prosecutors that on that occasion he did not give him medication because it was not indicated on his schedule but that he did help him “lie down in his bedroom” and that in those circumstances he noticed that “Diego had a swollen foot.”

“He himself realized that because he also showed it to me when he lay down, he told me exactly ‘look at my leg,'” the witness recalled. Mansilla explained that he recorded it on a form and notified the nurse who relieved her about the swelling, Dahiana Gisela Madrid, who is one of the seven defendants, also in the WhatsApp group called “Tigre” where the news and Mariano Perroni were reported , the nursing coordinator also charged.

Of Maradona he said “that he refused attention, he did not let me accompany him to the bathroom, nor did he want me to grab him,” adding that the star told him: “Don’t touch me, it annoys me.”


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