This weekend from August 7 to 8 we recommend you to see four films: an ideal premiere for fans of animated musicals, a Spanish thriller, a youth film that turns 20 and the debut of one of the best directors of the last thirty years. You can find them available in the catalogs of the platforms on demand from Netflix, Disney+, Movistar + Y Amazon Prime Video.

If this weekend you also want to see a series, we also leave you our recommendations for this weekend here.

A premiere: ‘Live’ (Netflix)

The protagonists of ‘Vivo’.


What is it about

An inimitable kinkajú named Vivo spends his life in the tropical jungle playing in a cheerful plaza with his owner Andrés. Vivo and Andrés may not speak the same language, but, thanks to their mutual love of music, they are the ideal duo. Andrés receives a letter from the famous Marta Sandoval in which he invites his old partner to his farewell concert in the hope of reconnecting with him. When the tragedy appears, it will be Vivo who must deliver to Marta the message that Andrés could not give her with the help of a teenager who goes through life at her own pace.

Why you should see it

Various reasons. The previous association between Netflix Y Sony Pictures Animation ended up with one of the best movies we’ve seen in 2021: The Mitchells against the machines. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton Y In a New York neighborhood and protagonist of The return of Mary Poppins, gives voice to the main character and is responsible for the original songs of the first animated musical of the year. The address of Kirk DeMicco (The Croods) Y Brandon Jeffords (Rain of meatballs 2) complete the recipe for ingredients that make Vivo the most powerful streaming film premiere of the week.

A nostalgic: ‘Princess by surprise’ (Disney +)

Anne Hathaway in 'Princess by Surprise'.

Anne Hathaway in ‘Princess by Surprise’.


What is it about

The life of Mia Thermopolis, a shy teenager living in San Francisco, is turned upside down when she finds out that she is the heir to the throne of the tiny European principality of Genovia. Her strict and wise grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi, then bursts into her life with the intention of preparing her to be a princess, but Mia has no intention of leaving her life to rule a country so far away. The reluctant princess faces the most important dilemma of her life: stay with her family or accept her responsibilities as a princess.

Why you should see it

Any time is a good time to witness the moment when Hollywood discovered the existence of a charming Anne Hathaway in charge of Garry Marshall, the same director who catapulted the career of a young actress named Julia Roberts a decade earlier with Pretty Woman. Princess by surprise it is a silly, cute and unsurprising fairy tale, but just to see the discovery of the Oscar winner by The Miserables and the return to the interpretation of a legend like Julie Andrews it is worth getting a ticket to the fictional kingdom of Genovia. Whether you have seen it before or not, it is the kind of harmless movie that a weekend after-dinner makes for you.

A debut feature: ‘Sydney’ (Movistar +)

Philip Baker Hall and 'Sydney'.

Philip Baker Hall and ‘Sydney’.

Movistar +

What is it about

John is a man without resources who lives in Reno. One day, a mysterious individual named Sydney, invites him to breakfast and offers him the opportunity to win money by accompanying him through the casinos. Everything is going very well for them, but John falls in love with a waitress who is willing to do anything to get money.

Why you should see it

Paul Thomas Anderson (nominated for an Oscar as a director for Wells of Ambition Y The invisible thread) premiered in the cinema with a noir Modern art in which some of the resources that would end up marking the career of one of the great geniuses of his generation were already glimpsed: long shots, camera movements with a distinctive personality, a careful script that goes beyond the common places of cinema black and a great cast led by Philip Baker Hall (with which he would repeat years later in one of the most shocking stories of Magnolia).

The veteran actor was not alone: John C. Reilly, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson Y Philip Seymour Hoffman they sensed the talent of a director who would not play with film noir again until twenty years later in the very different and eccentric Vice inherent. Sydney It is an essential title for the most complete moviegoers wanting to discover Anderson’s first steps as a filmmaker, but it has value on its own. In short, a little gem that deserves to be discovered.

A Spanish woman: ‘Jump into the void’ (Amazon Prime Video)

Najwa Nimri in 'Leap into the void'.

Najwa Nimri in ‘Leap into the void’.

Amazon Prime Video

What is it about

Alex is a 20-year-old who supports her entire family thanks to the illegal arms trade. In his life the risk of dying or killing is always there. She is part of a group in which she is the only girl. She is secretly in love with Javi, but he ignores her. The conflict between her need for love and a life based on violence places her in a difficult dilemma: continue with the same life or leave the neighborhood forever.

Why you should see it

Daniel Calparsoro It was released in the cinema with an urban and rogue story that revealed the potential behind the cameras of the future reference of the thriller with Spanish flavor. The atmosphere of discomfort, the feeling of constant unpredictability and the patina of dirty realism that it portrays a Spain that no longer exists raises a suggestive debut that also presented in society to Najwa Nimri, a fascinating scenic animal that would eventually become one of the most unique figures in our entertainment industry. The lack of means of production was the least of it. Leap into the void was more than enough of the important thing: guts, nerve and personality.

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