The earthquake Messi it has shaken international football. The best player of the last decade, with the permission of Cristiano Ronaldo, is free after a lifetime in the Barcelona and can sign without transferring any club. The Argentine star was released on June 30 after the end of his contract, but the renewal or signing by Barça that seemed imminent has resulted in a breach of the agreement that opens the door to Manchester City, PSG and other interested clubs to make a proposal to Leo.

The Barcelona Soccer Club The bomb that had been activated, with a countdown, exploded minutes before with various information that pointed to a dramatic turn of events. Messi he had gone from announcing his renewal to ruling out remaining in the club of his life, with registration problems as claimed by Barça and probable reasons why the player and his environment would have decided to reject the Barça entity’s proposal.

“Messi will not continue linked to Barcelona”, the entity transmitted in an official statement that becomes a green traffic light for the rest of the clubs interested in the footballer. On pole is the Paris Saint Germain, the club that had shown the greatest interest in Leo and that can now fulfill its dream of signing the Argentine and joining him with his friend Neymar.

The PSG has enough economic muscle to accommodate an extraordinary salary such as that of Messi, but there are more doubts that this signing is legal in terms of financial fair play. The Parisian team has another exit, which could now be viable and is none other than the exit of Kylian Mbappé, that the contract ends next season and continues without accepting the entity’s renewal offer.

One more star for the Premier

Second is the Manchester City, a club that showed interest at the beginning of the soap opera but that had withdrawn from the bid, opting for other more expensive signings in terms of transfer, such as Kane or Grealish, but that did not have the theoretical difficulty of removing Messi of your lifelong team. Now with Leo out of Can Barça and the Barça club itself having announced the separation of their paths, Guardiola can reactivate his reunion with the ’10’ and make a project tailored to him that gives him the necessary leap in quality to win the Champions League.

In Europe there are no other options for Messi, although the Chelsea He could enter the bid simply because he has sufficient financial support and is looking for an offensive star. However, his attempts with Haaland and above all, Lukaku, They seem to reject another signing for the plot. Leo would be the third option and has the advantage of its cost price, free if we talk about transfer. Against, and it is something that all his contenders must take into account, there are the salary, the possible transfer bonus and the age, 34, of the footballer.

Argentina or an exotic destination

Messi could also opt for a groundbreaking option that would be to leave the continent where he has triumphed as a professional. There, two scenarios open up. First, return to Argentina, where not a few would be the teams that would be delighted to make room for him, not to mention the fans, the stadium to which he goes, who would give him the affection he needs at this point in his career. Newell’s, due to his relationship with the player who came out of his quarry, would have an advantage, but it seems utopian that Leo renounces the highest competitive level already such a high salary like the one that City, PSG or Chelsea can offer you.

In search of a great contract, Leo could also evaluate offers from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar or MLS. These destinations would end the sports project of Messi as we know him and he would go on to compete for lower, quieter levels, but the salary would be very high, comparable to what they can pay in Europe for a player who, whatever he decides, will revolutionize world football with his new destiny.

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