Joe Biden’s government sources said that the announcement of a new donation of vaccines to countries around the world is being prepared Y that will include Argentina. Nobody knows exactly how much or what vaccines, although the speculation is that it will be a mix of the various labs. In principle, to Argentina More Moderna vaccines and Pfizer doses could come. In both cases, they can be used as a second dose of Sputnik V since the combination of these vaccines with the Russian one has already been evaluated in several countries.

Why does the United States donate vaccines?

Donation policy is catching on in Washington for a number of reasons:

  • The main one is that epidemiologists in the United States argue that the pandemic will not end or the economy will normalize if vaccination is not global in scope. This is verified with the Delta variant, which is fundamentally affecting the unvaccinated. But nevertheless, the biggest danger is that in any country –with a low percentage of vaccination– a variant appears that is resistant to vaccines. As with Delta, sooner or later these variants reach the United States and may produce a new international humanitarian and economic catastrophe. American companies – and indeed those around the world – need to get things back to normal.
  • *Of course there are geopolitical reasons for donations. China and Russia made significant progress with the provision of vaccines to dozens and dozens of countries. They were also establishing relationships that exceed the contracts of the laboratories. During the administration of Donald Trump, the United States lacked leadership in the pandemic and is now trying to recover it using, among other strategies, the donation of vaccines. Laughing, in the State Department they ironically: “We are going to give you these doses, but we do not require you to vote against Venezuela.”
  • * There is a third important question. In the United States, vaccination began to decline because there is a section of the population that refuses to be inoculated. This results in a certain abundance and surplus of vaccines, so that – unlike in 2020 – laboratories are no longer put up with obstacles to send them to other countries, but export is encouraged and, furthermore, with the old trick of donating a few million doses up front.

When it is advertised and what it will be used for

In the previous donation, things developed relatively quickly. After long dialogues with the Argentine ambassador Jorge Argüello, who was summoned several times to the State Department, there was finally a discreet announcement in Washington and Buenos Aires: at the same time Aerolineas Argentinas sent two planes to Memphis and In a very short time, 3,500,000 doses of Moderna arrived in Ezeiza. It is possible that this time the scheme is similar: the announcement is being prepared and could be produced before the middle of the month. Unlike the first donation, which was more laborious, there are currently two laboratories – Pfizer and Moderna – whose vaccines are approved and the guarantees against possible lawsuits against the laboratories were also agreed in the respective contracts. .

The two North American vaccines are applied to adolescents and from this Friday Moderna’s also as a second dose of Sputnik V. In principle, the strategy designed by the Ministry of Health of the Nation is that the available Moderna vaccines are applied to adolescents with previous illnesses, postponing the rest of the boys from 12 to 17 years old. Meanwhile, the remaining doses of Moderna, more than 1,700,000, will go towards completing the vaccination of those who are waiting for Sputnik V. But if a new North American donation comes and, in addition, the first shipments of Pfizer arrive in September, the application to adolescents without health risks will be addressed. It is public and notorious that children are contagious and also adolescents circulate a lot, contacting their friends, but also parents and grandparents. They have the aggregate between the ages of 12 and 17 who are new alone -not like the youngest- and they usually use public transport.

Alternatives to Sputnik Dose 2

The availabilities to complete the Sputnik V vaccination would then be:

  • 1,700,000 doses of Moderna, which would remain from the first donation.
  • The doses that come in this second donation.
  • 3,500,000 doses of Oxford / AstraZeneca arriving during August. The active substance was manufactured in Argentina in the mAbxience laboratory, of the Insud Group, and they were finished in Albuquerque, United States.
  • One million doses that would come this weekend from Moscow on a flight prepared by Aerolineas Argentinas. But, in addition, yesterday the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) announced that it will normalize shipments.
  • More than a million doses of Sputnik V, second component, completed by the Richmond Laboratory. The quality control of these vaccines would be approved on Monday or Tuesday by the Gamaleya Institute. Richmond and the RDIF have already said that in August three million finished doses will be available in the country.
  • Finally, eight million doses of Sinopharm arrive. The Chinese vaccine is not licensed for the combination yet, but studies will be completed in a few days. In the case of Sinopharm, the antibodies take time to verify and that is why the response to the combination was still considered insufficient in the studies carried out by the Nation, the Province of Buenos Aires and CABA, together with the Covid Unit of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Conicet.

Everything suggests that between the donations, the vaccines that arrive by airplanes and those for termination in the country, not only will the gap of those who wait for Sputnik 2 be closed, but the time between the two doses will be reduced. The objective, indicated by the National Immunization Commission, is that the second dose of Sputnik and Sinopharm be applied within two months of the first.


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