‘Save me’ has recovered one of the sections that generated the most expectation years ago: the intelligence test for its collaborators. Years after knowing that Jimmy Jiménez-Arnau and Kiko Hernández, Mila Ximénez, Alonso Caparrós, Gustavo González and Kiko Matamoros were crowned as gifted By overcoming the barrier of 130 points in the IQ, the magazine bets once again on this type of test with its most recent additions.

This Tuesday was Kiko Jimenez the one who confidently submitted to the challenge. What he did not have is the blow that he would receive from the psychologist in charge of measuring his intelligence: although he showed very good data in the memory part, finally the result of 104 placed him at the bottom of all collaborators, tied with Raquel Bollo.

The ‘Save me’ psychologist. (Telecinco)

The young man, Sofía Suescun’s boyfriend, accepted the result with sportsmanship, being this Wednesday, August 4, Antonio Montero who was taking over. Unlike his partner, the paparazzi was not happy to submit to this public scrutiny: “I don’t know why I have to submit to this. This is not for my work!“, he complained seconds before heading towards the booth where the test was carried out.

‘Save me’ recovers the intelligence tests and portrays Kiko Jiménez with his striking data


Despite his reluctance, or precisely because of them, the rest of the collaborators encouraged him from the set, confident that he would obtain an outstanding result. Hours later, the program’s psychologist entered the set to give her verdict on Montero: “In Antonio’s case, we find very homogeneous scores in all types of intelligences“.

The result of the Antonio Montero test. (Telecinco)

“The figure is good, but Something fails you: it is not memory as you thought, but it is attention, especially in automated processes of your everyday things. If your attention hadn’t failed you, your score would have been much higher. It is not a memory problem, but to pay attention to what is happening around you “, the guest analyzed seconds before Nuria Marín finally revealed the figure.

“121!”, Exclaimed the presenter, with the protagonist celebrating the good result, although with a small mouth, since previously his companions were betting that he could enter the gifted band. “This places him among what we consider very intelligent, from 115“, clarified the psychologist, to his joy. With this result, the collaborator was located in the middle / upper part of the table of ‘Sálvame’, just below his partner of ‘Where are you heart?’ Chelo García Cortés, although quite far from the most prominent of the class.

The results of all tests

– Aramís Fuster: 146
– Santiago Segura: 143
– Jimmy Jiménez Arnau: 136
– Kiko Hernández: 133
– Gustavo González: 132
– Alonso Caparrós: ​​131
– Mila Ximénez: 131
–Kiko Matamoros: 130
– Ylenia: 130
– Laura Fa: 127
– Chelo García Cortes: 126
– Mario Vaquerizo: 125
– Carlos Lozano: 123
– Sofia Suescún: 122
– Antonio Montero 121

– Terelu Campos: 119
– Lydia Lozano: 118
– Monica Hoyos: 118
– Monica Vergara: 116
– Rafa Mora: 115
– Oriana Marzoli: 114
– Victor Sandoval: 113
– Maria Lapiedra: 113
– Mark Hamilton: 113
– Carmen Borrego: 111
– Aida Nízar: 110
– Belén Esteban: 109
– Rosa Benito: 108
– Yola Berrocal: 108
– Dulce: 107
– Mónica Pont: 106
– Raquel Bollo: 104
– Little Nicholas: 98
– Karmele Marchante: 97
– Leticia Sabater: 96
– Miriam Saavedra: 96
– Charlotte Caniggia: 92
– Raquel Mosquera: 90

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