The presidential adviser Cecilia Nicolini announced that from September the first doses of the coronavirus vaccine made by Pfizer, approved for pediatric use and with a high level of efficacy against the Delta variant, will arrive in the country. The official indicated that between that month and December, “the delivery of the 20 million doses that have been pre-agreed ”in the agreement signed weeks ago. He anticipated that the second doses from other laboratories will arrive in the next few days.

It is expected that with the arrival of these vaccines it will be possible to advance vaccination schedules for preadolescents and adolescents with or without comorbidities, and that along with the arrival of second doses from other laboratories, Argentina is protected against a possible circulation of the Delta variant, the most contagious so far.

“Starting in September, the first doses of Pfizer will arrive. This is what we are negotiating with the pharmaceutical companies. The logistics details of the agreement are being worked on, but we hope that in September the doses of Pfizer will begin to arrive ”, affirmed Nicolini. The Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, had advanced in recent days that this arrival was expected for next month.

The official, one of those responsible for the negotiations for the purchase of vaccines against the coronavirus, said that it is expected that “Between September and December the delivery of the 20 million doses that we have pre-agreed with the laboratory is completed” Pfizer.

The agreement with Pfizer

At the end of last month, the national government signed a “binding agreement” with the US laboratory for the provision of that amount of vaccines, which are expected before the end of the year, he explained during an interview by Metro.

The announcement of the arrival of 20 million doses of Pfizer vaccines confirms what the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, had advanced, in mid-July, when the agreement was signed.

In this way, the Government puts an end to the controversy established for months by the media and opposition politicians. “Pfizer always intended to sign the contract with Argentina and Argentina always intended to sign the contract with Pfizer,” argued Vizzotti.

It is false that there was a more complicated situation behindIt is false that this could have been done before because the agreements were not in place, it is false that we received 13 million vaccines last December. What the opposition raises is counterfactual, I think everything was clearer, “he added.

The Pfizer Vaccine: Teens and Delta Variant

With the expansion of vaccination to populations under 18 years of age, Argentina sees a promising horizon. What remains to be defined with Pfizer are “the logistical details”, which with the technology of that laboratory is not a minor procedure.

The North American laboratory published in March the preliminary results of a trial among 2,260 volunteers in the United States aged 12-15 years, and revealed that there were no cases of covid-19 among adolescents who were fully vaccinated.

The BNT162b1 vaccine is given in two doses, with an interval of 28 days between the first and second injections. It is based on mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) technology and generates a “robust immune response”, with an effectiveness greater than 94 percent in adults over 65 years of age.

The vaccine should be stored at a temperature of 70 degrees below zero, so it must necessarily be stored on special conveyors. Likewise, it is one of the formulas with the highest reported effectiveness: compared to the Delta variant, as reported by the company, the effectiveness reaches 94 and 96 percent.

Vaccine combination

Cecilia Nicolini also referred to the vaccine combination against the coronavirus from different laboratories, which was carried out by Argentine specialists and which this afternoon will be analyzed by the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, together with her peers from the province and the city of Buenos Aires, Nicolás Kreplak and Fernán Quirós, respectively.

“The results of the combination of vaccines are very positive. We hope that in August the implementation of the second dose will accelerate a lot”said the presidential adviser in statements to Futurock.

Nicolini further argued that “In the next few days much progress will be made in the application of second doses”. “We are going to take a quantitative leap by completing the schemes, which is very important given the arrival of the Delta variant,” he emphasized.


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