4 Aug. 2021 12:33

Pfizer’s contracts with numerous countries for the supply of the corona vaccine have been a well-kept secret. Now a security expert has published the documents. The leak reveals that the buyers bear all risks.

The Comirnaty vaccine business is doing extremely well for Pfizer and BioNTech. Analysts assume revenue of $ 50 billion in 2021. However, Pfizer’s supply agreements with governments are closely guarded.

Under the hashtag #PfizerLeak, the information security expert Ehden Biber publishes the details of the agreement on Twitter.

Biber allegedly got his hands on copies of two contracts. There is an Albanian and a Brazilian version. Both differ only in a few details.

Since the cost of drafting contracts is very high and time-consuming, Pfizer develops a standardized contract template and uses these contracts with relatively little adjustments in different countries.

Pfizer requires contracts to be kept confidential for ten years. In Israel it is said to be 30 years. The contents of the contract at least give an idea of ​​why the deadline has been set for so long. According to the document, the pharmaceutical giant has almost unlimited freedom, the buyer is at the mercy of the company and bears the sole risk.

In the early phase of research, the buyer is prohibited from terminating the contract should another vaccine be completed or approved earlier.

The contract also gives Pfizer great freedom in the delivery of the vaccine. The group can define almost all boundary conditions itself. Pfizer is not liable for failure to meet delivery dates. Nor does non-compliance give the buyer the right to cancel orders for certain quantities of the product.

“Pfizer will make any necessary adjustments to the number of contracted cans and the delivery schedule to which the buyer is entitled (…) on the basis of principles to be determined by Pfizer. (…) It is assumed that the buyer will comply with each Change is accepted. “

Buyer hereby waives all rights and remedies to which it may be entitled by law, equity or otherwise, arising out of or relating to Pfizer’s failure to deliver the contracted cans in accordance with the delivery schedule.

The Brazilian contract, unlike the Albanian one, has another clause that prohibits the testing and identification of vaccination doses by the buyer.

If vaccinated persons fall ill due to a faulty batch, the buyer has no way of tracking the dose and, if necessary, withdrawing further doses from the market.

“Long-term effects unknown”

Another section keeps Pfizer and BioNTech safe from any legal or material claims. Liability lies solely with the buyer, i.e. the respective state government, because:

“The buyer acknowledges that the long-term effects and effectiveness of the vaccine are not currently known and that the vaccine may have undesirable effects that are not currently known.”

“Buyer hereby agrees to indemnify Pfizer, BioNTech (and) their affiliates (…) from and against all lawsuits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, severance payments, penalties, fines, costs and expenses to defend and to hold harmless. “

Biber claims to have received the Albanian contract from the website gogo.al.

“They [gogo.al] ALL deserve credit for the leakage of the document, and journalists around the world must be ashamed of not discovering and reporting on it. “

Twitter has since restricted Biber’s account and removed most of the tweets. He can still be reached via his Telegram channel https://t.me/eh_den.

He has already announced that he will publish the EU contract with Pfizer.

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