The combination of coronavirus vaccines To complete the schemes in the prelude to what could be a new wave of infections due to the arrival of the delta variant, it seems an imminent fact. This afternoon, the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, and her peers from the city and province of Buenos Aires will provide the results of the studies and will present the steps to follow.

Since the possibility of advancing in the application of second doses through the combination of vaccines was announced, many of those who received the first component of Sputnik V began to hesitate between applying the drug from another laboratory or waiting for the arrival of the second doses. Fear, especially of possible serious adverse effects, is among the greatest concerns.

However, the opinion of the doctors is the same. “The priority is to complete the schedules”, “The combination of vaccines has to be accepted with tranquility and joy”, said infectologists and specialists in respiratory diseases who seek to bring tranquility to the population.

What matters is completing the diagrams

For the pulmonologist and coordinator of the Pulmonary Infections Section of the Argentine Association of Respiratory Medicine, Alejandro Chirino, the fundamental thing is to understand that we are in an emergency situation and that contagions will most likely begin to rise in the coming weeks due to the community circulation of the variant originating in India, which has already arrived in the country. In this sense, it is important to have the protection of the complete scheme.

“The priority is to complete the scheme because we are about to face a third wave and the cases are going to rise, so we have to have the two doses applied as soon as possible, ”says Chirino, for whom it is essential to follow the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health.

The doctor, however, was empathetic to those who have doubts or fears. “The data is only beginning to be collected and Everything indicates that it is most likely safe to combine the brands but we are facing an emergency situation and we are acting without a solid scientific basis and this is also true ”, Chirino acknowledged, although he vehemently remarked to follow the official recommendation.

“It is preferable to complete the diagrams because we consider that it is more dangerous not to have both doses than to have an adverse effect from the combination. Until now there has not been an alert of major adverse effects in any part of the world ”, remarked the pulmonologist.

Finally, Chirino stressed that despite the decrease in cases prolonged hospitalizations and deaths of unvaccinated people continue or with a single dose, hence the importance of taking the second dose.

Get the vaccine available, the one you touch

The infectologist and member of the Argentine Society of Infectology Martín Hojman has no doubts. “Until now, what has been published and known throughout the world about the combination of vaccines is very favorable. There is a single study that showed more side effects, but always mild, and all showed equal or greater efficacy, “he analyzed.

Like the rest of the specialists, the doctor remarked that before the arrival of what could be a new wave of infections, the recommendation to be vaccinated with the two doses becomes more relevant. “I would tell everyone to get vaccinated with whatever they can, whatever they get. It’s what I would tell my family too. What is known unofficially is that here the studies also worked very well, “he added.

To highlight the results of the vaccination, Hojman remarked that the delta variant, for example, is multiplying infections but with fewer hospitalizations and fewer deaths, something that is undoubtedly thanks to vaccination. “Already with one dose there is some efficacy, with the two doses the protection is much greater. Therefore the objective is to vaccinate with the second dose as soon as possible ”, he claimed.

“Get vaccinated with joy”

For his part, the infectious disease specialist who is part of the President’s advisory committee, Tomás Orduna, highlighted the fact that the news of the combination should be greeted with joy, confidence and tranquility. “There is no need to be afraid, if even the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, received two different doses, why is it going to hurt us,” said the doctor, head of the Service of Tropical Medicine and Traveler’s Medicine at the Muñiz hospital , to bring peace of mind to those who play the combination.

“We will try to strongly encourage whatever the consensus of the national Ministry of Health says with the ministers of the provinces and advisory councils so that the message reach the population with confidence and tranquility but above all joy ”, Orduna insisted, who sees vaccination, as long as it is equitable throughout the world, the only way out of the pandemic.

The infectologist recalled that, in general terms, one dose provides about 75 percent protection against critical illness and death, but to reach a higher threshold of protection, both doses must be applied. “With one dose we have a population mass that is powerfully protected against the risk of death, but with two the levels are optimal,” he added.

Finally, he recalled that the fundamental thing is to reduce infections. “We know that 2 percent of those infected will die. The only way to lower the number of deaths is to lower the number of infected ”, he concluded.


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