Mexico.- Journalists Carlos Loret de Mola Y Hector Aguilar Camín questioned the insistence of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to ensure that you do not seek the re-election, since they consider that the reality does seek to perpetuate itself in power.

From his official Twitter account, Loret de Mola shared a video in which Aguilar Camín questions AMLO’s wishes regarding re-election, regarding the consultation of revocation of mandate which will take place in 2022.

AMLO insists so much on denying that he wants re-election, that it seems that the idea is fixed in his head, “Loret commented on the social network.

During an analysis table at latinus, Aguilar Camín recalled that from the beginning of his six-year term the president announced his intention to carry out the revocation consultation, although he believed that he actually saw it as a way of “revitalize your government“in the last period.

“It is not a thing in which he is deceiving anyone, he has said it from the beginning, that the purpose that he had was to have this revocation of mandate, that in reality he thinks of a ratification of mandate as a way to revitalize his government in the last stretch, which is how we know a stretch of decline in all governments, “said the journalist.

The writer added that in this way AMLO would seek to “play” some of his “fundamental political temptations”: that whoever succeeds him as president is under his orders, or else aspire to a possible reelection or extension of his own mandate.

In that sense, Aguilar Camín stressed that the insistence of the president to ensure that he will not be re-elected sows doubts about what his true intentions are, since it seems to suggest that in reality the issue is very present in his head, an opinion that was supported by Loret of Mola.

The two journalists agree that AMLO sows doubts by insisting so much on the issue of reelection. Photo: Twitter capture

This president has said so many times that he is not going to be reelected, that the truth is that one cannot but conclude that he has the reelection issue at the center of his head, “he said.

Is it possible that AMLO will be re-elected?

Over and over again, President López Obrador has assured that the reelection is not in your plans, which has not prevented concerns from arising about the possibility of prolonging in power.

Since 2019, AMLO has signed a letter addressed to the Mexican people, in which he anticipated that in 2021 a popular consultation would be held in which citizens will decide whether they want him to remain in power or resign.

The letter was a clarification to the opposition, figures such as Loret de Mola, Aguilar Camín and others who today maintain their suspicions.

However, the president clarified that these are unfounded suspicions, recalling that he is a supporter of the Maderista maxim: “Effective suffrage, No reelection”.

It would not only mean going against the Constitution but also betraying my principles and denying my honesty, which is the most valuable thing I have in life, “he declared at the time.

On the other hand, the Tabasco has affirmed that once his government concludes in 2024, will retire forever from politics and he will move to the farm he owns in Palenque, Chiapas.

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“I am satisfied because there is a generational change, if the people decide and the creator allows it, I am until the 24th and I retire, there yes to Palenque, but to retire is not to participate in anything again, not to give an opinion, I am already doing a job, I’m preparing myself psychologically for that, “he reiterated last March.


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