The Province of Buenos Aires made an exciting study on errors in vaccination. As expected, with 12,500,000 doses applied, there were mistakes. For example, people who received dose 1 of Sputnik, mistakenly received another vaccine as dose 2. Those who received Covishield (Oxford / AstraZeneca made in India) were given Sinopharm, and in other cases all available vaccines were mistakenly combined. The Ministry of Health, which was commanded by Daniel Gollan and is now in charge of Nicolás Kreplak, detected more than a thousand cases of error and decided to analyze them. The preliminary conclusion is that the combinations gave positive results: there were no adverse effects and the amounts and qualities of antibodies were better or equal to those that would have resulted from the correct vaccination.

The Buenos Aires study –It is not clear if he will appear at the press conference this Wednesday– has a great advantage: It is not with volunteers, but it comes from the application of the vaccine itself. This is what is known as a field study. In other words, there is no selection of those analyzed, but it is life itself, totally random.

The steps were the following:

  • Have the antibody parameters that arise from correct vaccination, that is, those who received Sputnik 1 and Sputnik 2; two from Sinopharm or two from Oxford / AstraZeneca.
  • Work on those who were inoculated incorrectly. And that’s where all the possible variants came in: those who received a dose of Covishield and another of Sinopharm; those who received Sputnik and the Chinese vaccine or Sputnik and AstraZeneca. There would be more than a thousand, a tiny figure in the 12,500,000 vaccinated in the Buenos Aires district. From having detected those mistakes, the people were summoned and blood was drawn to determine the quantity and quality of the antibodies that generated the wrong combination of vaccines.
  • Were compared the right ones with the wrong ones.

According to the information you accessed Page I12 the results were good, that is the combination produced neutralizing antibodies equal to higher than those produced in those who received the vaccines correctly.

We will have to see this Wednesday the details of this fantastic study that the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health carried out together with the national authorities. The analysis may even be of global interest like the one already done in the Province of Buenos Aires regarding the effect of Sputnik V, dose 1, or Sinopharm, with the first dose.

And we will have to see what conclusions emerged from the other vaccine combinations, not only those with Sputnik 1 as the initial dose, because unlike the other studies, this one did not work with the idea that there is a missing dose –the Sputnik 2– rather, the mistakes did not have an order thought out beforehand. Logic indicates that all the combinations must have worked, because that is the experience that is being done all over the world.


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