A new chapter of violence added the internal UOCRA. After yesterday moments of extreme tension were experienced in front of the Train Station and also in Punta Lara at the home of the former head of the union, Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina, they denounced that last night they attacked the headquarters of 526 between 23 and 24, from Tolosa.

Neighbors were the ones who called the police after hearing at least six detonations, according to what they told this newspaper. The police report, meanwhile, realized that yesterday before midnight the caretaker of that unit of the La Plata labor union appeared because after hearing noises coming from inside the shed and when going outside, he verified that unknown persons had fired some shots of firearm. Then he added that the bullets hit the metal curtain, so no injured people were registered.

In this way, Scientific Police personnel were requested to come to the place to carry out the rigorous tasks and look for any clue that would help the investigation. Meanwhile, police personnel searched for cameras in the vicinity of the place to try to find the perpetrators of the attack, for which UFI No. 9 is already involved. As it was learned, the so-called “white and blue” faction, represented by Iván Tobar, operates there. , which works with the intervention of César Trujillo by Gerardo Martínez, at the national level.

“In those sheds they give workshops until 9:30 p.m., so by a miracle it was not a tragedy,” David Alzogaray, member of the Commission of that group, assured EL DIA. Then he added that “we suffered an attack from the Medina faction. There were around 60 at the door, asking to enter. The workers put a lock and did not let them enter. Then the attack began. They want to exert violence as they did all their lives. “.

It should be remembered that yesterday the first chapter of the episode was recorded in different security cameras of the Municipality where it is observed how a group of individuals (several, identified with guild jackets), participate in bullfights and stones on public roads (see: https://www.eldia.com/nota/2021-8-3-2-25-37-corridas-pedrada-y-un-policia-herido-en-otro-capitulo-de-la-interna-de-la-uocra-policiales). The scene occurred before a large movement of pedestrians and drivers, in the area of ​​diagonal 80 and streets 115 and 116. During these incidents, a man was loaded into the bed of a truck – with obvious signs of pain – and removed from the scene .

Later, from the sector referenced with Medina, it was reported that in those clashes there was a stab wound. The version was rejected by a police source linked to the operation, who ruled out the registration of injured people. There is nothing official about the factions that participated in the incidents. Although Agustín Medina (son of Pata) would have pointed out that the wounded man is a “colleague” from his sector. The fight would have occurred with a group of the current leadership of the local Uocra. The Police reported that nine men were arrested in these incidents, who were involved in a cause for resistance to authority, damage and injuries.

Apparently, the actions later continued at the home of “Pata” Medina, in Villa del Plata. Until then, the police went in search of people who escaped on a motorcycle from the station, it was indicated. Always according to police information, that persecution between La Plata and Ensenada ended with an event involving Agustín Medina.

According to the police reconstruction, members of the force followed the duo from the area of ​​the train station to the town of Punta Lara. The police sources consulted indicated that this operation began when police officers tried to identify the occupants of a red Honda motorcycle. The answer would have been full throttle. That was where the monitoring by the police began, it was indicated.

The motorcyclists -according to the police version-, discarded the shot and entered a private house in the Villa del Plata neighborhood of the town of Punta Lara, which would be owned by Medina Sr.

Apparently, there had gathered a large group of individuals and in that context a member of the Ensenada Local Police was injured. For the attacks, the police accused Agustín Medina.

The incident was classified as minor injuries and the investigation was in charge of the current criminal prosecutor, Martín Almirón (UFI No. 8 of La Plata). Towards night, one of the sources indicated that uniformed personnel affected by the operation continued with the search for the man named in that action.

Meanwhile, in the area of ​​the Station the commotion continued due to the scenes of violence recorded after noon. After the passage of the groups linked to the union, several cars were left with windows destroyed by the stone and other damage to the bodywork.

But everything did not stop there since last night the attack on the Toulouse headquarters again generated panic by an inmate who is becoming increasingly violent.


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