“I should have taken the vaccine”, wrote in a message sent to the woman, shortly after being admitted to the hospital due to infection with covid-19. Micheal Freedy, a 39-year-old American, was afraid of being vaccinated. He and his wife decided to wait a few more months to get a better feel for the effects of the covid vaccine, but the worst happened.

Jessica DuPreez, 37, wife of Micheal Freedy, explained to the newspaper The Washington Post, that both “decided to wait a year to be vaccinated” because they wanted to understand the implications and effects a little better.

Micheal Freedy was admitted to an intensive care unit in July and early, according to the woman, realized that it had been a mistake not to be vaccinated. Something you admitted in an SMS.

Jessica DuPreez is now in charge of five children, including a 17-month-old baby, and after her husband’s death, she has given several interviews to try to get the message across about the importance of being vaccinated. Somehow she wants to prevent other families from experiencing a similar tragedy.

“My children were left without a father due to our hesitation”, he said in the interview he gave to CNN. And given its current reality, it assumes: “I would rather have had a bad reaction to the vaccine than bury my husband”.

Like other countries, the United States, live the effects of the highly transmissible Delta variant. Appeals to the urgency of vaccination are left, but not only: there are lotteries and even money on hand for those who get vaccinated.

Micheal Freedy and Jessica DuPreez live in Nevado and around 45% of the population here is not vaccinated. Despite evidence that even vaccinated people can become infected and transmit the virus, vaccines are highly effective in preventing death and serious illness from covid-19.

A recent poll, revealed by The Washington Post it’s at ABC News, says 29% of Americans prefer not to be vaccinated and most hesitate for fear of side effects.

Shortly after her husband was hospitalized, Jessica DuPreez and her eldest son received the vaccine. Micheal Freedy had two children in common with Jessica and had been together for seven years. She had three children from a previous relationship. “We never doubted the science, we just wanted to be cautious. We wore masks, sanitized without hands and alternated shopping”, he recalls.

When things looked calmer, they took the kids to San Diego, California, and went to the beach for a few days. Micheal became ill and after a trip to the hospital he was sent home. I had sunburners, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat and I had goosebumps. They said it would be heat stroke. The symptoms did not pass and, the second time, the test for covid-19 was positive.

He went home and complied with medical orders. But it continued to get worse and had difficulty breathing. The third time in the emergency room of a hospital, he was hospitalized and after a few days he went to Intensive Care.

Jessica DuPreez witnessed the death of Michel and guarantees. “It was brutal. As we see on television (…) and we are spectators (…) we can only stay outside the door”.

In order to be able to restart life without a partner, he created a page on “Go Fund Me”, but closed all the pages they both had on social media due to hate messages they received.


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