As the health authorities of the entire country finish defining how the strategy on the application of the first vaccines in the 12 to 17-year-old segment and immunization with the second doses will advance, the infectious disease doctor and member of the expert committee that advises To the President, Tomás Orduna wanted to bring tranquility. “Even though a A single dose may not be protective to have the disease, it is difficult for the patient to make a picture that complicates it to think about death “, expressed the specialist, who included in his analysis a possible Delta variant infection. The Federal Health Council will finalize details today to begin vaccinating adolescents with risk factors.

“The patient has a great chance of not going to a critical picture “, explained the head of the Tropical Medicine Service and the Traveler of the Muñiz Hospital in relation to the protection provided by a dose of the vaccine.

In this sense, the doctor stated that “it does not mean that you do not make a picture that is pneumonia or that requires oxygen, but hardly trigger the entire inflammatory component of the second phase of the picture, which is the one that generally ends up complicating patients, “he explained in dialogue with El Uncover Radio.

He also noted that his concern now lies in the expansion of the Delta variant in the country. Regarding the case of the man who introduced this variant in the province of Córdoba and triggered the preventive isolation of more than 800 people, Orduna said: “The thing in Córdoba is pathetic, having to put people under arrest.”

“Something similar may already be happening in the AMBA for these two people who cannot find a link with travelers,” he warned and maintained that community transmission of the Delta variant is something that “we know is going to happen, the issue is that the longer we delay it, the more vaccines there will be, more people with double doses and the less impact the variant will have “.

He indicated that from the Ministry of Health of the Nation the objective is “complete the schematics so that the impact of the Delta variant is much less” and said that during August the application of second doses will be prioritized.

In another order, he referred to the vaccine combination trials carried out in the City of Buenos Aires and assured that “in about eight or ten more days we will have the efficacy results.” “In the meantime we have to think about Russia continuing to comply, which apparently is going to be the case,” the infectologist continued.

“The combination of vaccines in a world in which not all doses can be delivered will always be very important to be able to cover delivery deficits,” he concluded.

Meeting to define the strategy

This noon, the Federal Health Council (CoFeSa), made up of the health ministers of all the provinces, meets to finalize details of the vaccination against coronavirus in adolescents aged 12 to 17 years and define the strategies to advance in the application of the second doses. Adolescents are expected to begin being inoculated between this week and next.

Last Wednesday, the Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, presented before referents of the Argentine Society of Pediatrics (SAP), the Ombudsman for Children and Adolescents, and officials of the provincial health portfolios the prioritization conditions for vaccination that were agreed upon in CoFeSa based on the recommendations of experts and the National Immunization Commission.

During the past week, the health ministry distributed 900,000 doses of Moderna vaccine to begin vaccinating this group.

The Buenos Aires Undersecretary of Information Management, Leticia Ceriani reported that 615,000 adolescents had registered in the province and pointed out that some of them 100,000 “will be prioritized because they are in a situation of greater vulnerability”, to whom shifts have already been sent for this week.

In turn, the Minister of Health of the City of Buenos Aires, Fernán Quirós, pointed out that the district registered 10,000 adolescents with comorbidities, that they will begin to be vaccinated as of tomorrow.

The vaccine that will be applied will be that of the Moderna laboratory that was approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for its application in adolescents, and of which Argentina received 3.5 million doses donated by the United States.


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