We found José Luis Martínez-Almeida as in the photo. In a T-shirt, with his hands clasped behind his head. It is the perfect moment for the assault: we take him back to those summers when he discovered life to the rhythm of Georgie Dann, in a bar in the Sierra de Madrid, with a bottle of beer in hand.

His last girlfriend, a few years ago, had asked him to go with her to the parish camps. José Luis loved her enough to visit her one day, but not enough to settle in a tent. And it is over.

The mayor of Madrid and national spokesman for the Popular Party does not like the beach too much. Run away from the sand and saltpeter. It dries, “he insists,” “naturally,” with a little walk along the shore. So we took the opportunity to interview him like this, naturally, devoid of dialectical armor.

Almeida does not promise an end of thriller. He says that he has always done what was expected of him. Instead of diapers, he was already wearing chinos. He was born dressed as an ICADE student.

What have been your tacky flip flops?

Some loafers. I just didn’t know that you have to go to the beach without loafers.

And the swimsuit that cost you the most to throw away?

An orange swimsuit, I still have it.

A place where I would never spend the summer again.

I will never spend the summer above thirty degrees again. So this year I’m going north.

The summer destination that has made you the happiest.

Galicia, when I went with my friends. I love Galicia for the climate. For example, Cedeira. The tranquility, the food … What I like the most is the octopus and the Betanzos omelette.

What would you say to your first summer league today?

That he was right, that he was not wrong. And why was it correct? Maybe choosing me or maybe leaving me, because I’m still single. Let each one interpret it as they want -he laughs-.

His biggest craze on a beach.

Go on a pedal boat. I’ve never done a crazy thing on a beach! Actually, my biggest craze has been going to the beach, because I don’t like the beach. Neither the sand nor the salt of the sea. I’m not a guy who does crazy things.

And in the mountains?

Ever… Skiing off-piste. That is really crazy, it is very dangerous and should not be done. I hardly ski anymore. I quit a few years ago. To be honest, I haven’t done much mountaineering.

Would you wear a mask on a nude beach?

If the health authorities required it, yes. Actually, I would wear it, but I won’t tell you where.

The best and the worst that happened to him while going camping.

The best, the outdoors. The worst, that there is no refrigerator nearby. A camp where you sleep in a sleeping bag is an experience that I can’t quite understand; same as sharing a tent.

You wake up and you don’t have a bathroom nearby, nor a fridge. These are not conditions of life, no matter how young one may be. One in life can lose everything except elegance. And a camp is hardly compatible with elegance.

You haven’t been camping much.

I went three times. All with the school. I did not come back. He had a girlfriend who went camping every summer with the parish. She told me to go, but I was only going to visit her for one day. That is over. It’s over in all terms. The camps are incompatible with my way of life.

The most uncomfortable place where the towel has fallen.

I don’t use a towel. I dry naturally. I walk along the shore until I’m dry. The towel with the sand is terrible. Because you pick it up and the sand falls into your eyes. You are jo … You have to dry with the side where there is no sand; And then when you go to lie down, that side is wet. On the one hand sand and on the other humidity. An absurdity. I dry myself off with a little walk along the shore. Besides, that way I am not in danger.

Like Bea Fanjul.

Did he tell you? It’s true, I gave her a poncho to prevent her skinning on the beach.

Is it easier to spend the summer being on the right?

Being on the right, in general, makes your life easier. Our policies are what create prosperity, wealth, employment and well-being.

A song from the summer that I still hear.

The beach barby Georgie Dann. Its a classic. I’m very Georgie Dann. When I started having drinks, only Georgie was playing. It sounded in a bar in the Sierra de Madrid. I have it recorded forever. My life woke up listening to Georgie Dann.

In the summer you buy absurd things. What do you buy?

Bracelets The typical ones of the bazaars. It’s tacky, I know, but I love it. I saw them and bought them. For me and my nephews.

Have you ever shopped at the top blanket?

I like the markets. I love stalls where you can find anything. I like to rummage and find trinkets. I find it fascinating. In addition, it is a way not to waste time on the beach.

Fruit, clothes, trinkets … All that entertains me a lot. Well, I don’t buy the clothes there. In that, as in everything, I did what was expected of me. Instead of diapers, she wore chinos. I have always dressed like an ICADE student.

Do you like sangria?

Not too much. I am very beer. It captivates me. The cane, by Mahou. From the bottle, the green Alhambra and Estrella Galicia. I can drink as many as it takes.

The worst of the politician’s summer is …

That you do not disconnect at all. In addition, on August 15, the Madrilenian politician has to return yes or yes. Manuela Carmena learned it the first year. Without any ill intention, he did not go to the La Paloma event; and the one that fell… The other three years he was at the foot of the canyon. Absolutely nothing was missed from the program.

The best of the politician’s summer is …

That you are leaving the office. The best thing about the single politician’s summer is that he does not have to be held accountable for where he is going or what he does.

Have you ever come to blows with someone?

No. I don’t have a body, but I do have a head. I know I would always lose.

What books will you take to finish.

Rise and crisisby Ian Kershaw. The second volume, which runs from 1950 to 2017. A biography of James Baker, who was the US Secretary of State. I’m going to do it in English, to see if I can improve it. And also a biography of Jon Rahm.

Will you ever spend with an adversary?

I hope so, otherwise I would be bored. On La Paloma day we will all get together. At the Madrid City Council, the relationship between the spokespersons is very cordial. We get along really well.

Who doesn’t want to hear from until September?

By Daniel Ramírez.

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