Coronavirus Spain live | 5.5% of those hospitalized in Spain are fully vaccinated against Covid-19

Although the fifth hello of the pandemic of coronavirus slows down in practically all communities, they continue to report significant numbers of infections, also of people already vaccinated with the full dose. 5.5% of those hospitalized with in our country are fully vaccinated and “what is expected” is that they will outperform those who are not.

The data of the coronavirus in Spain

Total figures: 4,422,291 confirmed coronavirus cases with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 81,442 deaths with a positive test as of July 29.

  • 702,047 in Andalusia (10,193 dead)
  • 144,767 in Aragn (3,574 dead)
  • 65,942 in Asturias (1,997 dead)
  • 80,977 in the Balearic Islands (857 dead)
  • 78,233 in the Canary Islands (822 dead)
  • 39,250 in Cantabria (575 dead)
  • 209,894 in Castilla-La Mancha (6,025 dead)
  • 275,604 in Castilla y Len (6,973 dead)
  • 826,896 in Catalonia (14,802 dead)
  • 6,302 in Ceuta (117 dead)
  • 459,982 in the Valencian Community (7,457 dead)
  • 87,913 in Extremadura (1,821 dead)
  • 157,306 in Galicia (2,442 dead)
  • 810,583 in Madrid (15,529 dead)
  • 9,624 in Melilla (97 dead)
  • 125,501 in Murcia (1,614 dead)
  • 75,360 in Navarra (1,190 dead)
  • 230,491 in the Basque Country (4,575 dead)
  • 35,614 in La Rioja (782 dead)

09.17 Why it is expected that the majority of hospitalized with covid are vaccinated

Every day there are cases of vaccinated people who are infected with coronavirus, although most of them do not have symptoms or are very mild. Very few end up in the hospital, but what can be expected if this vaccination rate is maintained is that the number of hospitalized patients will exceed that of those who are not.

Which would be nothing but the consequence that vaccination coverage has reached a more than desirable level without forgetting the fundamental thing: that with these antidotes, the number of hospitalized and deceased is remarkably lower than there would be without them.

This is explained to Efe by Jos Manuel Jimnez, researcher at the Department of Infectious Diseases at King’s College London, and Manuel Franco, epidemiologist and professor at the Universidad de Alcal de Madrid and the Johns Hopkins University.

There are still those who wonder how it is possible that people with the complete pattern are catching the virus if what they tell us is that more than 87% of those over 40 are already protected with their corresponding doses. The answer is the one that has always been given: none of the current vaccines is sterilizing. That is, they do not prevent contagion.

5.5% of hospitalized covid patients have the complete schedule compared to 83.4% who do not have any dose, although the percentages may be reversed and “in fact it will be expected if Spain continues vaccinating at the rate it does,” he responds Jimnez.

As simple as thinking that if 100% of the population were vaccinated, 100% of those hospitalized would be vaccinated. But, yes, “we must not forget that the number of hospitalized in this case will be notably less than that without vaccines.”

That happens because they do not have that 100% effectiveness, well because “in certain individuals it does not work well or the response is not optimal”, with what ends up developing serious forms of the disease or even dies.

08.59 Vaccine protection against Covid decreases over time

It is very likely that the protection provided by vaccines against infection by coronavirus and potentially serious illnesses decrease over time, so the Vaccination campaigns will continue in the coming yearsscientists told the British government advisory group, Reuters reports.

“Vaccine-induced immunity to SARS-CoV-2 infection and potentially severe disease (but probably to a lesser extent) is highly likely to decline over time,” according to an executive summary of a paper considered by the Advisory Group. Government scientist. for Emergencies (SAGE).

“Therefore, it is likely that there will be vaccination campaigns against SARS-CoV-2 for many years, but currently we do not know what the optimal frequency will be required for revaccination to protect the vulnerable from COVID disease, “the scientists said.

The document, titled “How Long Will Covid Vaccines Continue to Protect?”, Was written by leading virologists and epidemiologists from Imperial College London, the University of Birmingham and Public Health England.

08.43 The US CDC warns that most cases in Massachusetts arise among those vaccinated

Three-quarters of people infected with Covid-19 at public events in July in a Cape Cod town in Massachusetts were fully vaccinated, according to Reuters from a study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). .

The study suggests that the Delta variant of the virus was highly contagious. The outbreak occurred in Provincetown on Cape Cod, according to Barnstable County health authorities.

The CDC study found that vaccinated people had a similar amount of virus presence as unvaccinated, suggesting that, unlike other variants, vaccinated people infected with the Delta variant could transmit the virus, the CDC said.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said this was a “fundamental discovery” which led to the CDC’s recommendation this week that masks be worn in areas where cases were increasing as a precaution against possible transmission by fully vaccinated people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that, overall, 79% of vaccinated people were infected with Covid-19 and also reported symptoms such as cough, headache, sore throat and fever. Four had to be hospitalized, the CDC said.

08.26 China criticizes the US for “politicizing” the tracking of the origin of the coronavirus

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has regretted that the United States wants to “politicize” the tracing of the origin of the coronavirus.

Wang has added that the United States is “disrespectful to science and justice” and it has urged them to publish the data and verify the samples collected in the United States during the first stages of the pandemic, according to the China Central Television (CCTV), reports Europa Press.

In this vein, he has pointed out the need to invite experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) to investigate the US laboratory Fort Detrick, as well as 200 other facilities abroad in order to “trace the origin of the coronavirus as soon as possible.”

“The United States should also invite WHO experts to research the University of North Carolina and publish the data related to cases among US soldiers who attended the 2019 Military World Games in the city of Wuhan, “it has settled.

08.05 Organization of the Olympics withdraws accreditations for violating Covid rules

The organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Games have definitively withdrawn the accreditation of six people and another eight provisionally for violating the rules imposed to prevent the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, reports Efe.

The executive director of the event, Toshiro Muto, offered these figures at a press conference in which he specified that one of the withdrawn accreditations corresponds to an employee who was found in drug possession.

Likewise, warnings of different degrees have been issued to other accredited persons for breaking the rules.

These few cases in the Games as a whole “affect the reputation of the majority of the participants,” lamented Muto.

07.40 WHO: Delta bypass jeopardizes hard-earned gains

The world risks losing its hard-won gains in the fight against Covid-19 as the highly communicable Delta variant spreads, but WHO-approved vaccines remain effective, the World Organization of the United Nations said. Health, Reuters reports.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have described the Delta variant of coronavirus as communicable as chickenpox and have been warned that it can cause serious illness, according to the Washington Post, citing an internal CDC document.

07.32 Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany increase by 2,097

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany, it increased by 2,097 to 3,771,262, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases, collected by Reuters on Sunday. The death toll increased by 1 to 91,659.

07.30 Italy reports 16 deaths from coronavirus on Saturday and 6,513 new cases

Italy recorded 16 deaths related to coronavirus on Saturday, compared to 6 p.m. the previous day, according to the Health Ministry, and the daily count of new infections fell to 6,513 from 6,619, Reuters reports.

Italy has recorded 128,063 Covid-19-related deaths since the outbreak emerged in February last year, the second highest figure in Europe after Britain and the eighth highest in the world.

07.13 The Delta variant is responsible for the increase in cases in China

China has reported 75 new cases of Covid-19 in mainland China by July 31, compared to 55 cases a day earlier, including new cases of local transmission in eight provinces.

The recent increase in cases in China is due to the Delta variant, according to authorities. In total, the country registers 328 new cases of infection in July, almost as many as in the period from February to June, affecting cities such as Nanjing (east), not far from Shanghai, or the touristy Zhangjiajie, in the province of Hunan (south), reports Afp.

07.00 The fifth wave slows down

Although the fifth wave of the coronavirus pandemic slows down in almost all communities, significant numbers of infections continue to be reported, also from people already vaccinated with the full dose.

5.5% of those hospitalized with covid-19 in our country are fully vaccinated and “what is expected” is that they will outperform those who are not. What should not be forgotten is that, without these antidotes, the number would not only be infinitely greater, but completely unaffordable by any system, reports Efe.

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