The polygraph reveals that Alejandro Albalá witnessed how Isa Pantoja criticized Irene Rosales

This Friday, July 30, Alejandro Albal attended Friday Deluxe to face a polygraph. Most of the questions revolved around Albal’s relationship with Isa Pantoja.

The ex-survivor told an infidelity of Isabel Pantoja’s daughter with a friend of his. In addition, Albal related that on some occasion the behavior of Kiko Rivera at that time, nervous and euphoric, made him think that he could have problems with addictions, as Kiko Rivera himself has confessed later.

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Continuing with his experiences in Cantora, Alejandro was asked about his relationship with Anabel Pantoja and has replied that he has never had a good relationship with her, despite hitting on Omar Sanchez, Anabel’s fiancé, during the contest. Survivors 2021.

Alejandro Albal’s polygraph reveals that Isa Pantoja spoke ill of Irene Rosales

“Have you heard Chabelita turn Irene Rosales green when you were a couple?” Mara Patino asked Isa Pantoja’s ex-husband. Although Alejandro assured that “no”, Conchita contradicts his words: “There has been a clear reaction, evidently he is lying.”

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“I have never heard Isa speak ill of Irene,” commented the ex-survivor, justifying that he does not remember all the conversations he has had with Isa Pantoja. The truth is that the collaborators have not believed him at all: “The polygraph is clear, you have heard Isa criticize Irene.” The next question from the polygraph also had Irene Rosales as the protagonist: “Have you heard Irene speak ill of Isabel Pantoja?” Alejandro Albal said no and this time Conchita said that he was telling the truth.

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