Rubén Pulido, immigration expert: "They are not fleeing the war, they are coming because of the Spanish welcome system"

Rubén Pulido, expert on immigration policy, has reviewed for OKDIARIO Andalusia the most immediate actuality in terms of illegal immigration regards. The analyst warns that this year can be achieved record figures arrivals, and remember the profile of the immigrant that arrives in Andalusia: it comes from Algeria, with purchasing power and with the aim of taking advantage of the “Welcome system” established by Pedro Sánchez in Spain.

“Illegal immigration is giving us a lot of work. The entries do not stop. And even more so now in summer, that the weather conditions accompany and that is when more entries can occur through the Spanish coasts “, warns Pulido, who recalls that the immigrants who are arriving are not people without resources:”People who have no resources, who have nowhere to fall dead, who do not eat what they have to eat every day, those people they don’t have the resources Enough to pay the mafias to put them in Europe. ‘

“They are not the people who appear in an advertisement for an NGO, it is a totally different profile”

Fortunately, thanks to mobile phones, we now know what type of immigrant reaches our shores. And, as Pulido emphasizes, “they are not the people who appear in an advertisement for an NGO, it is another profile totally different”.

Algeria and Morocco

On the nationality of the illegal immigrants who arrive in Spain, Pulido affirms that it depends on where they arrive. While more immigrants arrive in the Canary Islands than flee from poverty, In Andalucia the vast majority do not.

«Around 70% of the immigration that is arriving in Spain at the moment comes from Magreb. In 40% they are algerians and about 30% moroccan. We are facing countries that are not currently in any type of conflict, they do not have any problem there. Young people arrive, in ages ranging from 17 to 28 years old at most, and they have nothing to do with those people who come from Mali, who are currently living in a conflict, “explains the expert.

In addition, Pulido recalls that, while before immigrants were tutored in Foreigners Detention Centers (CIE) -controlled by State Security Forces and Bodies (FCSE)– Today it is the NGOs that assume this function. “It is assumed by volunteers from NGOs who do not have that preparation or are trained to detect these types of threats,” he warns.

Spain, 15,000 ‘welcomed’

«Spain has some 15,000 illegal immigrants so far this year. Andalusia is already at 5,000. It is the gateway to Spain and such magnitude has never been seen at this point in the year. Last year, in Andalusia we reached 10,000, today we are already going for 5,000 … and the worst remains “, warns Pulido, who recalls that last year at this time” we were not even close to these figures. “

“About 7,000 have already arrived in the Canary Islands, and about 5,000 in Andalusia”

“It was from August when there were more arrivals. Right now, Andalusia and the Canary Islands are the most exposed. About 7,000 have already arrived in the Canary Islands, and about 5,000 in Andalusia. But the ports of departure that end in the Canary Islands are not the same as those that end in Andalusia. The illegal immigration that arrives in Andalusia comes 90% from Algerian soil, and in the Canary Islands there is Senegal, there is Mauritania… ”, insists Pulido.

Profile of the Maghreb immigrant

All the young people who come from the Maghreb, continues Pulido, «They arrive with the latest generation mobiles and with cash». “They arrive well dressed, with clothes that are not cheap, and they have been demonstrating that they do not come from that need that could drive them to jump into the sea to reach Europe,” he explains.

«They come with a message, and that is that they have a medium-high purchasing power and do not come from hunger and war. They come for other purposes, and it is to take advantage of all this welcome system that our Government is proposing to them at the moment, “concludes the expert.

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