In the south of France, a young man died of an allergic shock shortly after a corona vaccination. While his father blames the vaccination, the authorities assume that the allergic reaction was caused by a food.

A young man died in Sète in the south of France after receiving a BioNTech / Pfizer vaccination against COVID-19 a few hours earlier. Like the newspaper The Parisian reports, the young man died on Monday.

After almost 75 million vaccinations: PEI reports 10,000 severe vaccination reactions and over 1,000 deaths

According to the newspaper, the family of 22-year-old Maxime Beltra believe that the vaccination was the cause of his death. However, such a connection has not been proven. The authorities currently suspected a fatal allergic reaction to a food.

The young man received his first vaccination on Monday around 2 p.m. According to information from The Parisian an ambulance called to take Beltra to the hospital. Family and paramedics agree that he suffered allergic shock.

On Tuesday morning, Frédéric Beltra, apparently the dead man’s father, shared a video on Facebook showing the deceased’s vaccination certificate. The man, struggling with his composure, made serious accusations against the government. It is criminal to bring uncertified vaccines on the market that “kill 22-year-olds in good shape”:

“We are in the process of vaccinating all of humanity with treatments (…) whose side effects we are not aware of.”

The man spoke of the “corruption of our elites” and expressed his hope that his video would go around the world.

Under the father’s post, Facebook superimposed one of its usual notices that COVID-19 vaccines would be thoroughly tested for safety and effectiveness and then strictly monitored.

Brasserie La Siesta, where Maxime Beltra had worked for five years, shared the video on their Facebook page. Nicolas Clapier, who has been in charge of the restaurant for 13 years, stated that he also knew Maxime’s father very well. His stance on the corona virus is not based on conspiracy theory. He himself shared the video to honor Maxime and did not want to take sides himself.

On the Facebook page of the brasserie, a post from Tuesday says:

“Take care, little one, all our strength goes to Frédéric and Aurelie Beltra, his parents, and his sister. More fear of the state than of Corona.”

Unlike the relatives of the young man, the rescue workers of the fire brigade of Sète portrayed his death as the result of an allergic reaction to a food that he had previously consumed. The responsible public prosecutor of Montpellier confirmed this representation to the broadcaster France Info:

“It has already been proven that shortly before his death the young man consumed a food to which he was known to be allergic.”

According to other media reports, Maxime Beltra was allergic to peanuts. In principle, he should have been prepared to inject an antidote himself if necessary. According to the site the young man pointed out his allergy shortly before the vaccination. He was then kept there for observation longer than is normally recommended at 15 minutes. Since he felt no discomfort, he was finally able to go home, where he suffered the allergic shock hours later.

Allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations, which are only permitted to a limited extent, have been known and described for a long time. The German Paul Ehrlich Institute wrote in March:

“With vaccinations, as with all drugs, allergic reactions can occur. These include both local hypersensitivity reactions and, in very rare cases, serious, potentially life-threatening immediate reactions (anaphylaxis) that require immediate medical attention. The frequency of anaphylactic reactions after vaccination in children, Adolescents and adults with vaccines other than COVID-19 are listed as 1 to 10 per 100,000 vaccine doses, depending on the study and vaccine. “

By the end of June 2021, 362 anaphylactic shocks had been reported in Germany. In the UK, the Federation of Vaccine Manufacturers (MHRA) and the National Health Authority (NHS) warned citizens against using the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine in December 2020 if they had shown “significant” allergic reactions in the past. However, this assessment was corrected in the following month.

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