Those infected by coronavirus in the world rose to 197 million and there are already 4.2 million deaths

According to the American university Johns Hopkins, there are more than 197 million people infected by coronavirus in the world, while the dead by pandemic as of today they surpassed the barrier of 4.2 million. In this frame, Argentina it remains in position 8 in the table that details the 192 nations with the most accumulated cases. Of the South American region, it is the second most affected after Brazil and before Colombia.

Until the night of this Friday, the same survey counted that in total there are 197,276,917 people infected, while 4,207,237 deaths occurred because of the global epidemic. Likewise, 4,042,614,173 vaccines against Covid-19 have already been administered throughout the planet. In this frame, United States It is the country with the most confirmed cases (34,943,203) and the most fatalities (613,006), until 11:20 p.m. (Argentina time).

In second place in the country-by-country ranking is India, with 31,572,344 infected people and 423,217 deaths. Go on Brazil, the most affected country in South America, with 19,880,273 infected patients and 555,460 deaths in total. The fourth is France with 6,166,592 and 112,011 deaths; the fifth is Russia with 6,161,985 infected and 155,180 deceased; and the sixth, United Kingdom, with 5,857,558 and 129,877 deaths, it is in seventh place. Turkey with 5,704,713 sick people and 51,253 fatalities.

In the eighth, it appears Argentina, with 4,919,408 infected and 105,586 fatal; nineth Colombia with 4,776,291 positive patients and 120,432 who lost their lives; tenth is Spain with 4,447,044 positive cases and 81,486 deaths; eleventh Italy with 4,343,519 infected and 128,047 deaths; twelfth, Iran, with 3,851,162 sick and 90,344 fatalities; go on Germany, with 3,774,918 infections and 91,647 deaths, according to the survey of the North American House of Higher Education.

Other of the countries most affected in the world by COVID-19 are Indonesia (3,372,374 infected and 92,311 deaths), Poland (2,882,786 infections and 75,259 people died), Mexico (2,810,097 infected and 239,997 dead), South Africa (2,435,036 cases and 71,679 fatalities), Ukraine (2,331,950 cases and 55,521 deaths) and Peru (2,108,595 infections and 196,214 deaths).

Finally, they appear Netherlands, which has 1,892,130 patients with Covid-19 and 18,108 deaths; Czech Republic, with 1,673,429 cases and 30,363 deaths; Iraq, with 1,616,384 positive cases and 18,595 deaths; Y Chile, with 1,614,629 infections and 35,366 fatalities. While, China, a nation where the virus and the outbreak would have been born, would remain with 104,930 infected and 4,848 deaths, numbers that are not believed by the press of that country that questions the administration of Xi Jinping.

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