Sunday, three in the morning in Amorebieta, province of Vizcaya. Twenty individuals surround Alex, a 23-year-old young man who enjoys a bottle. As soon as he turns around, one of the assailants throws a bottle at his face, knocking him down. Once on the ground, the pack hits him face and body with sticks, punches and kicks until he is unconscious and dying. Only then did they rob him and abandon him to their fate.

This is the modus operandi of The Koala Brothers (LHK), the youthful and violent group that left in critical condition Alexandru Andrei Ionita, Lemoa’s neighbor who is torn between life and death at the Cruces hospital. The gang, as EL ESPAÑOL has been able to confirm from sources in the investigation, is an old acquaintance of the police forces that acts in an organized manner, taking advantage of its numerical superiority, to leave its victims defenseless against any attack.

The current koalas, however, are not the same as those recorded in the first archives of the Ertzaintza. Although the criminal group was being investigated for three years, the original formation was born more than twenty years ago And now, as soon as its members got older, it has begun to recompose itself and is looking for new younger followers, up to 13 years. Some of them had been tutored by the minors’ services of the Provincial Council.

Your leader is Diego Antonio, a 38-year-old criminal who was already part of the ‘first generation’ of koalas; now, he has been appointed as the person in charge of re-founding the band with a generational changeover. To his credit there are several records of theft, all in the company of his former companions, when he was just one of the herd. He is currently on provisional release.

Those who are in prison as a result of the beating are two of his comrades, Christopher Anton (23 years old) and Andoni Alfredo (19), who were allegedly recruited by Diego Antonio himself. In total, the Ertzaintza has identified 18 people as the alleged perpetrators of the beating, seven of them minors, an 18-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy who was the author of the famous video. They all follow the same modus operandi of their elders, those of the early 2000s: surround, beat, smash and steal. So one after another.

In fact, not only do they repeat the same criminal method, but they also tend to wear the same clothes with which they perpetrate these crimes, which allows them to easily identify them. In the case of the beating of Álex, the recording concludes the direct participation of 10 of those identified, including five minors, who are being arrested in the municipalities of Erandio, Bilbao and Barakaldo. They could face a number of crimes, including “attempted murder attempted.”

Criminals, young people and Basques

Despite what has transpired in some media, EL ESPAÑOL has been able to confirm from sources close to the investigation that most koalas are born in Euskadi and they reside mainly in Barakaldo. During the last three years, the Ertzaintza had already ‘signed’ about twenty of its members and has several reports in which it warned of its modus operandi, its territorial scope and its members.

In addition to the brutal beating, the investigation of the koalas is joined by three other reports of robberies and injuries on the same day, all allegedly in Amorebieta. According to judicial sources, those investigated would have roamed the towns of Greater Bilbao to commit various robberies and group assaults, including a cruelty with another young man that same day.

With regard to Álex, the police report refers to a massive beating in a park in the area of New Palace (Amorebieta) where a bottle was being made. The injured man, in critical condition, began to receive various kicking and hitting with sticks and bottles by a group of young people. The audio of the recording allows us to identify several voices that cheer: “Kill him, kill him!”

For now, the Amorebieta Local Police and the Ertzaintza continue to investigate the motive for the mass aggression, although the first indications point to the young man confronting his attackers when they tried to steal a phone. For now, the Security Council of the Basque Country prefers to be cautious about “which was the actual will of the aggressors, if it was to cause an injury or went further, in tune with those who cheered them.

“It has been a beating, it seems that twenty people have attacked a young boy and left him to dust,” said some residents of the area. The victim’s father, meanwhile, has confirmed that the young man is in a coma due to the assault, but the doctors at the Hospital de Cruces are optimistic about his recovery.

The Ertzaintza has already detained eight people in relation to the brutal attack, although it is not ruled out that more arrests will take place in the next few hours.


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