• India Martínez has suffered a strong allergic reaction when ingesting a drug

  • The singer has shown the consequences, her swollen face and redness under her eyes, on her Instagram account

  • The interpreter of ‘Hungry Heart’ has had to go to the hospital to alleviate this outbreak

Our celebrities are not spared and they also have to go through the hassle of being allergic to something. Pollen, seafood, nuts, gluten or latex, there are many VIPs who have to face some type of intolerance. Ariana Grande had to cancel some of her concerts after a tomato intake affected her throat, Eva Longoria had to create her own perfume brand because when an ordinary fragrance touched her skin it irritated her or Antonio Banderas, who should stay away from insects, as one of their bites could cost you your life. In this context, India Martinez you had to rush to the hospital after your body suffered a strong reaction to ingesting a drug.

“I can no longer take a paracetamol without having strange reactions”, he complained in an Instagram post in which he recorded himself in front of the mirror with his face visibly swollen, skin rashes under his eyes and “his chin asleep.” “I thought it was only happening to me with ibuprofen, is this normal?”, She asked her virtual family, who already warned the artist that nothing is unusual: “Unfortunately yes, it is so. You can have a greater or lesser tolerance, but if you have an allergy to NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), it will give you all ”, reported and lamented a follower.

India Martínez suffers a strong allergic reactionInstagram

Finally, the interpreter of I forgot to breathe she was forced to go to the emergency room with her boyfriend, Ismael Vázquez, seeing that the reaction did not wane. Aware of the concern generated by having made her Instagram followers participate about her situation, the Cordovan, riding in the car after leaving the medical center, recorded herself to reassure and thank the care received. “That’s it, Urbason punctured, it’s starting to go down. Everything good, everything controlled “, affirmed India, who confessed that after everything she had experienced, she was beginning to feel more sleepy than sequelae.

India Martínez suffers a strong allergic reaction

India Martínez suffers a strong allergic reactionInstagram

India Martínez showed the consequences of her allergy in December

Although on this occasion it has located the origin of this alteration, India, last December, confessed that it had undergone without luck “many tests” to discover the reason why He woke up many days with a swollen face and a redness under his eyes. “This is me too. So if one day I can not hide, do not panic “, it was shown shamelessly in his official account.


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