german gymnasts

Elisabeth Seitz from the Germany team at Tokyo 2020. (Ezra Shaw /.)

The German gymnastics team literally set the tone for sports uniforms to stop being a means of sexualizing women’s bodies. Women’s gymnastics suits require showing half of the body, why? So to feel more comfortable, the German team went from the bikini cut of leotards to long swimsuits. “We wanted to show that every woman, everyone, should decide what to wear“Said Elisabeth Seitz, a 27-year-old German Olympic gymnast.

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka of the Japan team. (.)

In fact, Osaka was the inspiration for Simone Biles to choose her sanity over a medal. Naomi has spoken openly about the pressure that media, internet, brands and society place on athletes and how it affects their mental health and therefore their performance. At 23, the Japanese tennis player is positioned as one of the best athletes in the world and is an icon of his generation. At Roland Garros, she spoke of the discomfort caused by being interviewed by the media just before a competition and at Tokyo 2020, she represents Japan, but has faced xenophobic criticism for her skin color, which, according to them, does not correspond to traditional Japanese characteristics. Despite this, Naomi Osaka is stepping out to have a good time at the Games.

Hidilyn Diaz

Weightlifting - Olympic Games: Day 3Filipino medalist Hidilyn Diaz. (.)

In its 97-year history of participating in the Olympics, the Philippines had never won a gold medal, until Hidilyn Díaz made it possible. The Olympic weightlifter lifted 224 kilograms, bursting into tears after winning gold with his last lift at the end. We also cry a little.

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