Today he is champion of America and a top player in Europe, yesterday he was a kid who had many dreams to fulfill. Today is Say Maria Yesterday he was El Flaco, or Angelito, as the closest ones called him. With the title in the Maracana still fresh, Ole decided to tell the story of Fideo in El Torito, the neighborhood club in which he was formed, that today continues to throb and grow with the national program Clubs on Site from the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, and in which he awoke his passion for baseball. Hand to hand, Rubén Tomé, his main coach when he was still a child that armed bags of coal before going to train, reviews the growth of a star who has forever entered the history of our football.

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-What year did you meet him?

-I directed it between 94 and 96, which are the years in which he was at the club. He played for category 86, even if it was 88. He was already with the biggest …

Ángel does not forget his origins.

Ángel does not forget his origins.

-Could you imagine what it would be like?

-Yes, You saw him and he was a skinny guy who was going to be a player to build the team around him. It was difficult to form category 88 because there were not so many kids in the neighborhood. So, I began to gather all the boys from the street that I was seeing, talking to the parents, until I saw Ángel with the ball: he played little games all over the field, he didn’t drop it. I said “we are going to build the base of the team around Angelito.” He kicked right and left, it was awesome. He complemented himself very well with another boy, Walter Almeyda. They made set plays as if you had trained it. A show. They broadcast us on the radio.

The club is at Camino de los Granaderos 2321, in the northern part of the city. In addition to Di María, figures like Roberto Sensini , Pepe Basualdo, Julio Zamora, Eduardo Bustos Montoya, Nery Domínguez and Germán Herrera. Today hundreds of boys from popular neighborhoods play in their categories and the club plays an important social role.

-How was the pass from Di María to Central in exchange for some balls?

-Walter Almeyda’s father came to say that they were taking him away and, later, Angelito’s father, to tell me that the two of them were leaving. We had been second in that tournament, we played the last date with Newell’s and we beat him. For this reason, Central passed them in the table, they were champions and we were second. They took the two for 20 balls and gave us ten, we were left owing …

The pass from El Torito to Central.

The pass from El Torito to Central.

-What was Angelito like?

-Quiet. I would pick it up around the house, because the parents couldn’t take it, so I would carry it on my bike. He was seen with his little legs full of coal, because he began to fill bags for his father’s work. It was the same as now, but boy. They beat her but she held on with her skinny little legs and everything …

Noodle on his way through El Torito, when he was a baby.

Noodle on his way through El Torito, when he was a baby.

-You have a relationship with him today?

-I didn’t see him anymore, yes to the mother. She made me cry recently, that I ran into her in the sanatorium and I told her: “You don’t remember me anymore.” He said yes and that he has the first wooden base trophy he ever won, which I gave it to him. The satisfaction they gave us is priceless. It would be nice to be able to talk to him again and have my grandchildren see him. I know that all this must be in his memory.

The greeting of the boys of El Torito for Di María

In addition to telling his story, in Ole We chatted with the teachers at El Torito, who shared images of some of the boys who, like Fideo a few years ago, dream of reaching the top in soccer. They, the kids, saw the champion Argentina for the first time in their life, and they sent a greeting to their idol, thanking him for the historic feat.

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