Wow, Wow!  Check the true origin of the word 'Firulais'

How was the word firulais born? Why is this word used to refer to a dog? Is it a special way of calling the puppies? Although many take it as something normal in daily life, the truth is that when it comes to asking someone the origin of the word, they have no idea where it came from.

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There are many speculations about this word and there are some theories about the origin of the word Firulais, however, among these stands out an axis that could be the true birth of said word that names the puppies.

Searching for the word through time, it has been found that the word was used in the mid-twentieth century by the US authorities who were looking for Mexican migrants, who went to work and took their dogs free from fleas. The they wanted ‘free of lice’, that is to say free of fleas.

However, over time the phrase was modified in terms of its use, due to the social convention of language and its linguistic change. Therefore ‘Free of lice’ went to ‘Fri yu lais’ and finally to Firulais.

The phrase has become so famous that in the series “The Rugrats” or “Adventures in diapers” there is the puppy Firulais who on several occasions accompanied the children of history to live their fun adventures.

Regarding their arrival in Latin America, the theory about their origin explains that when Mexicans returned to their country of origin, they showed off their flea-free and purebred Firulais dogs to their relativesTherefore, over time the word Firulais was used for any puppy, regardless of whether it was a breed or not, with fleas or not.

Although on the other hand, there are other versions assure that Firulais was used as a joke for stray dogsWell, if those who were well cared for were ‘free of lice’, those who were in a street situation were ‘firulais’.

At present and since 2004, every July 21 the World Dog Day is celebrated all over the planet., which, in addition to serving to repay them in a celebration for all the love they give us every day, was designed to raise awareness and sensitize about the mistreatment and abandonment of which tenderloins are victims every day, despite not deserving it.

It is not known for sure why this date was chosen to commemorate this occasion, but many believe that it is due to the increase in the abandonment of dogs during the summer, since in many homes, puppies are given away during the holidays and, once grow up, at six months, people often get rid of them because they have lost the charm of a baby.


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