Two retired couples, in Gómez and Gonnet, the new victims of the assaults on houses

More likely to fall for stories of the uncle or some type of scams (mainly out of trust towards strangers), retirees are now the target of armed groups that attack in private homes, almost always with violence. It is not that it did not happen before: it is now a repetition of events of this nature that extends from the urban area to the periphery and neighboring towns.

The “fashion” became more notorious this year, with some bloody episodes that left physical and mental marks on the assaulted people, in addition to the considerable material losses. (see separate)

This week, two new cases were added to the list. One of them took place in Gómez, the other in a Gonnet estate. In both, the criminals used the family vehicles to complete the robbery and escape. At press time, the Police had no traces of the thieves.


The first of the robberies happened last Monday morning, in a building located at 17 between 503 and 504.

There lives a couple – the man is 79 years old and his wife is 75 – who went through a dawn into oblivion. According to sources who are carrying out the investigation, members of the La Plata Patrol Command arrived at the scene after a call to 911.

The agents interviewed the couple, visibly affected, who told them that a few minutes before they had been surprised by three hooded men inside the house. They had entered through the kitchen door, which somehow was left open and unlocked.

The terror of running into strangers prevented them from reacting. It is unknown if they were armed, the truth is that they did not need to show guns or knives to intimidate their victims, who could barely observe the movements of the gang with fear.

As reported by spokesmen, the three intruders moved throughout the property. They were looking for items of value and cash, so they searched every room.

The seconds seemed like days and the victims only wanted them to leave. Every so often, one of the thugs asked them “where do they keep the money.” They finally found the family’s savings, an amount that was not disclosed. They added it to the two cell phones that had already been taken from them as soon as they had control of the situation.

Everything seemed to indicate that, with that loot, the subjects would leave the house. What the complainants did not expect is that one of them would ask for the key to the silver-gray Volkswagen Bora that was parked in the garage. And then yes, with the car and the belongings, they escaped in an unknown direction.

Due to the nervous state in which the couple was, the uniformed men summoned an ambulance that took them to the San Roque de Gonnet hospital. Meanwhile, the investigations relieved the private and COM security cameras installed in the area.

On the other hand, in Gómez, five criminals caused terror in a house located at 526 (Villa Miter) and 311. It is that, as indicated by official spokesmen, the criminal group had no pruritus to tie up a 71-year-old woman and her husband of 83.

The incident caught the attention of the neighbors, since they assured that the sector is “quite quiet.”

The spokesmen consulted remarked that they were trying to determine how the criminals had been able to enter the home. They also stated that, in addition to the pertinent expert reports, a survey of cameras was carried out, whose images could provide accurate data to find the perpetrators of the theft.

As for the assault itself, they specified that the five unknown men (all of them armed) surrounded the couple and subjected them with threats.

Not satisfied with this maneuver, they ended up handcuffing them and locking them in one of the rooms of the house. In this way, the five villains went about their work without worry.

After registering the property, they found the sum of 200 thousand pesos. They also stole a cell phone and, as in the previous case, a red Fiat Toro double cab pickup. With that shot – and they suspect that they had another with which they had arrived – they fled.

Behind they left the victims, still sealed, who not without effort managed to free themselves from their restraints. The authorities were immediately notified, and a cell phone from the fifteenth police station was presented shortly thereafter.

Both cases were classified as “theft”, with the intervention of the Fiscal Investigation Unit (UFI) Nº 9, of unknown authors.


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