Serkan finds out that Selin is pregnant: "The baby is your child"

The moment has come. Serkan deserved to know the truth. And after several chapters in which Ed She has found herself at a crossroads, she has finally taken courage and told her lover the reason for her attitude after rejecting her marriage proposal. In the middle of a meal with their respective families, and after a long and long discussion with her friends, the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ has been sincere.

With a face of circumstance, Eda has shared with her surroundings the decision she has made. “We have to clarify this. We cannot be together. I’m sorry, but we have to stop seeing each other,” he said, paying attention to his head and not his heart. Seeing the reaction of Serkan, very angry at this new refusal, she has been clear: “Selin is pregnant and the baby is your child”.

In shock to receive this unexpected news, the character he gives life to Kerem Bursin in the Turkish phenomenon of the season he has not been able to give credibility to his ex-partner. After she cheated on him during her memory loss and tried her best to make him forget about Eda forever, the fact that she’s pregnant could be one more ruse to break the future they were building together. But It seems that Eda is clear that Selin does not lie.

Eda, shocked to discover Selin’s truth

As we saw in the preview of this last chapter, which leaves us at the gates of the tremendous end of the season that is yet to come, a doctor confirmed that there is a baby on the way. The question is now whether Serkan is the father of the child. Will this revelation end forever with the love story What has marked the first season of ‘Love is in the air’? Will we finally know the truth?

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