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Who governs us? Who controls the government? The two questions walk together, like feet. Because in Tucumán almost all the first boxes on the lists of candidates for deputies and senators (65%) are occupied by men and women with relevant public positions. The lieutenant governor (the governor is a substitute); the mayors of San Miguel de Tucumán, Yerba Buena and Concepción, two deputies and a senator -among them two of the opposition leaders-; the minister of the most sensitive and important area in the last almost two years, four legislators -among them the fourth provincial authority and the head of the third electoral force in the province- and a councilor. In the rest of the positions there are also another ten prepostulants with public positions.

Yes, it is logical and “common” for this to happen in democracies around the world: those who submit to the scrutiny of the population generally hold elective or executive positions at the same time. But what is happening in this small, beautiful and undisciplined region puts Tucumán in a state of permanent leadership quasi-war.

Because the fight, already in the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory, is all or nothing. Osvaldo Jaldo made it clear when he agitated, as a Viking before the battle, for the leader of local Peronism to get the mythical oflador for his private parts. Also when in LA GACETA he warned that the State -of which he formed and is a part- is the one that puts the money for the political “apparatus”.

The second authority of the province said it: funds are channeled through various public institutions to bank the electoral campaign. Everyone knows it, but no one dared, from within, to confirm that “popular legend.” Jaldo did. He aired other secrets that allow us to think that he would be willing to unleash more, such as Juan Manzur’s intention to reform the provincial Constitution. In the Government House they took note.

The governor used his diplomatic skills to outrage his vice. He replied that he is “old”, that he speaks macanas typical of his age and warned him that Rosanna Chahla -not him- will beat him at the polls. As columnist Juan Manuel Asís wrote, he looked at him from above and put him at the level of his minister, not the governor.

The powerful Tucuman Peronism will play to the death in the intern and it will be almost common to hear, see and suffer with the parade of nauseating dirty rags of power that will be aired left and right.

Former goalkeeper Sergio Mansilla tried to stop the bullets. Also in LA GACETA, it was more moderate. With reasonableness rather than a good number five, he admitted that the internal government affects the institutions, that he is sure that the list of the governor – who supports and integrates his wife – will be victorious, but that there are important territorial leaders in both sectors that they are powerful and that this will prevent it from being won throughout the province. Mansilla, in the last two years, appears as the Jiminy Cricket of the convulsed, broken and aggressive Justicialism. First, he put aside his friendship with José Alperovich to “be coherent” with the PJ and later he accepted his own mistakes and those of the party that he is part of. Theirs is a refreshing rarity.

So far the argument that supports the emergence of the first question: who governs us.

Bad costumes

In the joint-exchange portion of the opposition, the dispute is just as fierce, although the leaders of the three competing lists strive to show -or try- that theirs is a duel of neat and educated English gentlemen. It is not and will not be like that. Whoever prevails in the PASO will most likely be the candidate for governor of space within two years. Alfaro-Ávila, Sánchez-Campero and Elías-Cano know it, even if they seek to disguise it. That is why they came out, from their respective internal spaces, to shoot with their most powerful weapons.

For now they can’t target those opponents, right? who are in the Government, because they need to come up with “something” to dispute the power of space. It is not just any “something”, but the victory in the primaries that would enable them to say: “I am the great voter.” How to tell Elías-Cano that they “already went” if they defeat the “new ones”? Or how to treat Sánchez-Campero as “changuitos” if they come out first? Or how to deny Alfaro-Ávila the middle box if they beat them all? It will be very difficult to change the triumph of this year for something other than the candidacy for the Interior in two. That is why the trident wasps of the disputed lists flew to sting hard, even if they lose their stinger forever.

Extra problem for the opposition: does Jaldo want to steal that flag? In the interview with LA GACETA he slipped it in with two phrases: Peronism – his – is the only one that can stop Manzur’s personal project to perpetuate himself in power (via reform) and note that there are opponents who by day criticize the Government and at night they meet privately with the governor.

Here are the reasons that lead to formulate the second inquisition: who controls the Government, supposed role of the opposition.

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