Who are the four policemen who testified for the robbery on the Capitol?

Uniform dresses, four agents of police testified this tuesday in the first session of the committee of the Low camera of United States that investigates the assault al Capitol From the past 6 of January by one turbo of followers of the expresidente Donald Trump (2017-2021).

Their statements will allow the committee rebuild it happened Y to clarify why did the assault, who it is responsible Y that may to be made to avoid other similar event.

These are their names and their stories:


Sargeant Aquilino Gonell Capitol Police it started your tI estimate remembering their estate– Came to the US from the Dominican Republic in 1992 and pledged allegiance to the American flag on several occasions, including when he acquired citizenship and when he went to fight in the Iraq war.

With 25 years, went to to struggle to that war wearing the uniform U.S, but never was so scared as during the assault of the January 6th al Capitol de EE.UU.

That day, to Gonell they hit him with the palo of a flag American and, as a result, they have left wounded in both hands, in its left shoulderor, your left twin and the right foot. Additionally, Trump supporters doused him with so many chemical sprays that his skin burned for hours.

He came home at 4 in the morning and had to ask his wife not to hug him because of the amount of chemicals he still had on his uniform.

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In spite of everything, the next day at 8 in the morning he returned to the Capitol to work.

“As an immigrant who has come to the United States, – he said,” I am especially proud to have defended the Constitution and democracy on January 6. I hope that all people in a position of authority in our country have the courage and conviction to do your part, to investigate what happened that horrible day and why. That investigation is essential to our democracy. “


Fanone is not part of the Capitol Police and was not between the assigned agents the January 6th to to protect the Congress, but it ended up being one of the most affected.

The agent, 40 years old, worked for the PWashington Metropolitan Police and found in other part from capital when received an alert of emergency and transfer quickly to Capitol together with a partner.

The recorded video with his body camera that day sample as the mob beat him up with a this flag and the electrocuted repeatedly with his own stun gun (“taser”), before snatching his badge and gun.

“I heard some in the crowd yelling, ‘Take away his gun and kill him with his own gun,'” Fanone recalled Tuesday.

The police begged them that they will not murder him. “I told them as loudly as I could: I have daughters,” he explained, recounting that It did not stop of to think in their four girls and that he was fortunate that some in the crowd came to his aid and led him out of the mob.

Once in the hospital, the doctors told him that he had “suffered a heart attack”, and later diagnosed him with a “concussion, a head injury and a post-traumatic stress disorder”.


Dunn, el only black witness Of the four who appeared on Tuesday, he had been working as a Capitol police officer for 13 years when he it was time to answer not only to assault to the legislative headquarters but to the “racist epithets” that the mob directed against him.

“Nobody, never again, had called me ‘nigger’ (racist expression directed at African Americans) while wearing the Capitol police uniform “, denounced during the hearing.

The 37-year-old policeman was target of that “torrent” of insults when confessed to the crowd that he had voted for the current presidente, Joe Biden, after they told him they were there to prevent his electoral victory from being certified and commented that “no one” could have supported him.

“More than six months later, January 6 is still not over for me,” said Dunn, who assured that he continues to receive therapy for what happened.


Finally, the agente Daniel Hodges put voice to helplessness that the Sentier agentsn before constant onslaught of the Trump supporters, whom he referred to at all times as “terrorists”.

The experience of Hodges, of the local police of Washington, is turned en one of the most popular scenes why, after the attack, I know made public nail heartbreaking images in which he is seen crushed between a doorframe and the mob of Trump supporters.

In the ateo, what was it mostrador during audience, you see him writhing in pain Y yelling.

He remembered that, in addition, in that moment one of the seguidores de Trump took advantage that I was in a situation of “vulnerability” to grab a gas mask Y hit him on the head.

I even “know put the phone on the mouth pto have both free hands to attackme, “Hodges recalled, visibly shaken during his appearance, in which he stopped several times to drink water.

Hodges was finally able to escape, but he continues to have injuries, like the rest of the agents. EFE


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