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Gonzo, the muppet adopted by the trans community for being gender fluid

Gonzo, the muppet adopted by the trans community for being gender fluid

In recent days the “revelation” that Gonzo it’s a Muppet transgénero, but this is not new data; Gonzo was adopted by the LGBT + community years ago and Gonzo’s non-binaryism has been a trademark of the character practically since his inception, just no one ever told him so. This is his story.

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Muppet fans have known for decades that one of the show’s running jokes is that no one knows that it’s Gonzo. While René is a frog and Peggy is a pig, Gonzo is an enigma. Its creators, including Jim Henson, never specified that detail.

The only thing that is known for sure is that Gonzo is a character of low self-esteem, with artistic inclinations and in love with a chicken named Camila. But his species? In the past it has been theorized that Gonzo is an alien being, although it has never been identified as male or female, rather as a “whatever is”.

In more recent years, the LGBT + community adopted the Muppets in general and Gonzo in particular because of this ambiguity regarding their gender identity. In 2012, the Daily Beast blog labeled Gonzo the most queer of all. “More often than not, Gonzo is the only ‘weirdo’ because of his ambiguous gender / sexual / species status.”

Gonzo in an 80s comic

In the controversial scene of the new Muppet Babies animated series that went viral, Gonzo reveals that he disguised himself as ‘Gonzorella’ in order to wear the dress and sneakers that he liked.

“Everyone expected him to see me in a certain way. I don’t want them to bother with me. But I don’t want to do things the way they have always been done. I want to be me! ”Says Gonzo.

It wouldn’t be the first time Gonzo has exhibited his gender ambiguity, though the cues were undoubtedly more subtle in the past, such as when Gonzo takes Peggy’s place on the classic Muppet show to be in Gene Kelly’s arms as she teaches him. sing a romantic song; or like when Gonzo dreams that he is in Noah’s ark, and he throws him out of the ark because he has no partner and does not know what species he is.

Although in the 70s the concept of transgenderism was practically unknown by society, today the LGBT + community has a term to describe what was previously a running gag among the Muppets: Gonzo is simply a being of gender fluid.

Let us remember that someone who calls himself gender fluid is a non-binary person who does not identify with either the male or female gender, nor does he fulfill the gender role corresponding to his biological sex, he simply “flows” between one role and another, a definition that seems to fit Gonzo’s identity.

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