Plagiatsgutachter Stefan Weber: Baerbock hat auch bei Habeck abgekupfert

The plagiarism expert Dr. Stefan Weber raises new allegations against Annalena Baerbock: The Green politician is said to have copied from her party colleague Robert Habeck in her book.

The plagiarism allegations in connection with Annalena Baerbock’s recently published book “Now. How we renew our country” are not tearing off: The Green Chancellor candidate is said to have copied from her party colleague Robert Habeck.

Annalena Baerbock on allegations of plagiarism: "Nobody writes a book alone"

A corresponding analysis was presented on Sunday by the “plagiarism hunter” Dr. Stefan Weber on his blog. According to this, there are great similarities between a passage from Baerbock’s book and Habeck’s work, which was published in January of this year under the title “Von hier an anders”. Specifically, it is a chapter on the education system.

In an overview, Weber has marked the sentence fragments that are identical or at least very similar. For example, Habeck introduces a sentence with the words: “Beyond the tiring debates about the prohibition of cooperation …”, which is found again in Baerbock in a modified form: “Beyond the unsatisfactory debates about the prohibition of cooperation …”

Weber identified around a dozen passages as problematic. He describes the textual agreement as “very bizarre”. Weber’s conclusion:

“An accidental equality of word chains and ideas can be ruled out. Even the reference to any ‘identical wording’ by the Greens is not useful here to invalidate the plagiarism allegation. This is because there is not even a half-sentence in Mr. Habeck’s book that does is in the election manifesto of the Greens. “

The corresponding section in Baerbock’s book reads as “as if someone had given someone the task of creating an excerpt or a short paraphrase of Habeck’s chapter on the education system,” says Weber.

The new find suggests “that Ms. Baerbock did not write the book herself, but relied on forces that provided plagiarism and paraphrases of older texts”. In such a case, “in addition to plagiarism, there would also be ghostwriting or unethical authorship, which would in fact contradict Ms. Baerbock’s repeated statement that she wrote the book herself, except for Mr. Ebmeyer’s passages”.

The plagiarism expert already spoke of 43 “verified plagiarism fragments” in Baerbock’s book three weeks ago. It was perfectly clear, said Weber in June, when he first raised allegations of plagiarism against the candidate for chancellor, that a non-fiction book by a politician was not a dissertation. In addition, no sources are generally given in Baerbock’s book. “Neither is a legitimation for serious text plagiarism. Text plagiarism is ethically incorrect and has already been rightly criticized in non-fiction books,” complained Weber.

Habeck himself said in mid-July on Markus Lanz’s ZDF talk show that his party colleague had copied passages of her book from other sources without naming them as “not cool”. From the “poorly mastered craft” of book-writing, one should not conclude that it was being imposture. Such an accusation is “wrong and infamous,” said Habeck.

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