The real-estate market it is recovering at a good pace after the steep fall due to the impact of the pandemic. After months of paralysis due to restrictions, the desire to buy a houseEither because the decision had to be delayed or because they want to invest at a time when savings are at record levels, operations have triggered. Transactions increased by a historic 107% year-on-year last May, and demand is expected to remain very active.

The sector has already exceeded the levels prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 and it is close to 50,000 operations per month. In addition, from Idealista they point out that “the arrival of European funds could be an incentive for these figures to continue growing in the coming months”.

According to data published by Alfio Bardolla Training Group, in the second half of 2021, real estate investment between individuals will increase by 20% in Spain. In this context, it is worth knowing certain tricks that guarantee to bring the purchase of a property to a successful conclusion and not ruin yourself in the attempt.

1. Planning and spotting opportunities

The offer is very wide and it is convenient to be clear about what you are looking for. It is not the same to buy a first home than to change your address or invest to rent or sell. According to the Bank of Spain, the 12-month profitability per rental is 3.68%. Nor is it the same to acquire new work as second hand. In any case, advance planning is key.

Experts recommend that budget does not exceed 40% of net salary. It is necessary to have savings (minimum 20% of the investment), since the banks do not finance more than 80% of the value of the property and also it is necessary to face expenses and taxes.

The price It is a fundamental factor, and to a large extent depends on the location and size of the property, which will affect the possible future revaluation. To know if the cost is adequate or detect opportunities, it is necessary to analyze the dynamism of the area.

2. Learn to negotiate

When setting the purchase price of a house, the art of home ownership comes into play. negotiation. Personal finance expert Alfio Bardolla maintains that negotiation “is perfected with experience” and believes that a fundamental advice when starting to value a property is that “you should never give the price first.” Explain that the same property can be worth very different prices, depending on whether it is being bought or sold, and the final amount will depend on the ability to negotiate.

The 12-month profitability per rental is 3.68%, according to the Bank of Spain

It can help a lot to know how long the house has not been sold, find out if it has loads and discover the reason for the sale. In any case, he recommends “always start with a very low offer to lower expectations and from there work your way up until a final offer is made.”

3. Buy at a discount

It is one of the golden rules of real estate investment, according to Alfio Bardolla, who points out that, according to a recent study, in Spain there are more than 25% of houses with a price at least 30% below their real price.

“If you buy at a low discount or at market price, the profit will be lower and a lower revaluation will be achieved.” In his opinion, “the real estate business always exists and, in any case, the problem is finding it.”

It is advisable to do a market study and investigate how far it is possible to lower the price with the help of the internet and real estate portals. “It’s just a matter of time and dedication,” he asserts.

4. Objectivity despite preferences

It often happens that properties that are very liked are found and therefore objectivity with respect to the cost effectiveness of the investment opportunity. This is a challenge faced by all individual investors. However, you have to be as objective as possible when investing in a property and go to the one that will give the greatest benefit in the end.

However, with Covid-19, purchasing habits have changed. There are new preferences of future owners when demanding a home. According to the VII Real Estate Barometer carried out by the UCI (Union of Real Estate Credits), if before the virus the pool, storage room or garage were among the requirements to take into account, these elements have become less relevant. Instead, they are looking for houses with terraces, exteriors, with a good internet connection and close to green spaces.

Half of real estate professionals say that the demand for single-family homes has increased between 5% and 15% and will continue to grow.

5. Attentive to the luxury market

The luxury market has noticed less the impact of the pandemic and forecasts for this year and next are for growth thanks to the progress of vaccination campaigns. According to Emiliano Bermúdez, Donpiso’s deputy general manager, luxury housing expects price increases of 3% in 2021. He assures that Madrid and Barcelona They are among the world’s top cities to invest in this segment, “a sector that faces the summer with an increase in demand from foreign citizens.”

The budget should not exceed 40% of the net salary, experts advise

In his opinion, luxury homes are a very attractive asset for investors. “They have become a safe real estate value for their resilience to withstand crises, because there are always rich”, he highlights.

6. Market pulse

Real estate has resisted the Covid challenge better than other sectors. The director of studies of, Ferran Font, highlights that “the recovery of normality in the real estate sector continues to be confirmed month by month”, although he acknowledges that the trend will continue at the expense of the evolution of the new wave of coronavirus.


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