“Fran is violent, everyone knows it.” They are the first words that escape an official of the City Council of Leganés (Madrid) when he asks about him, ‘Fran’, who until a few weeks ago was second deputy mayor. Because until then he was nothing more than that: councilor, deputy mayor, spokesman for his group and leader of Más Madrid-Leganemos, the municipal brand. He is now an alleged abuser.

For now, whether it is or not is something that will have to decide the Violence Against Women court number 1 of Leganés, which opened the investigation phase on June 17. The morning before, the morning of the 16th, his ex-partner denounced him for “alleged violent episodes and mental abuse“Continued, as recorded in the documents of the investigation to which EL ESPAÑOL has had access. He also requested a restraining order, but until now it has been rejected.

She is called Eva Martinez, and until recently he was also part of the municipal government as a councilor for Social Services. He left him to, in his words, guarantee his safety and not share space with Fran, his ex-partner for three years. He accuses her of hiding a “political motivation”. Just in case, he has been expelled from the party and Mónica García has asked him for his act as councilor, which he has not delivered.

Eva Martínez and Fran Muñoz, in a press appearance.

More Madrid-Leganemos

The episode of the complaint and the exposure of the alleged abuser have blown up the municipal government of the PSOE, which until now relied on the two councilors of Más Madrid. The culmination was Eva’s resignation the week after, the fruit of a cocktail of frustration, insecurity and disappointment; the last one, with the socialist mayor, Santiago Llorente, who did not lift a finger against Fran, his deputy mayor, on leave since April.

“They have left a victim in the lurch,” she says, feeling used by a government pact that had already lasted two years. The mayor did not pronounce on the accusations of gender violence, nor did he support Eva during the lawsuit process, an attitude that for her shows “equidistance and inaction”. It was not until she resigned from office, highlighting the problem, that the PSOE stepped forward and unanimously dissolved the coalition.

In any case, the political break de Llorente and Fran Muñoz has more aesthetics than ethics, or at least it seems that way. Fran is no longer in the Government, but she continues to be essential to give the Socialists an absolute majority in plenary sessions and to maintain -even from outside- the City Council. On the part of the PSOE, the movement is logical, since no one would want to meet a possible accused of sexist violence within his Government team.

With regard to the other rupture, the sentimental one, the abyss that separated Fran and Eva for years was glimpsed for all, already definitively, at the same moment in which the judge approved to investigate the abuse crime. Who would have thought not so many years ago.

Eva Martinez.

Eva Martinez.

Leganés City Council

“Psychological violence”

They started their relationship in 2014, Podemos’s year of birth. In 2015 they entered the City Hall under the banner of Let us, the municipal brand of the party, and decided to share their lives and their decisions. For years they followed the path that Pablo Iglesias had set, but they abandoned it in 2018, the same year they moved together, and the same year that Íñigo Errejón split up to found Más Madrid. After the next elections, in June, they decided to go their separate ways.

Actually, it was her doing. The forensic medical report of the investigation, to which this newspaper has had access, refers to “the continuity of psychological violence”As one of the causes of the end of the relationship and, in parallel, of the beginning of anxiety for Eva. Of her, the file says that “she is very afraid of what might happen, with a panic to go down to the street in case she could meet him.”

Nor does she feel safe in City Hall, with Fran on the other side of the wall. It is said of him that “he begins to look for her at work and other places outside of this”, such as her house. He went so far as to do so even during the 2020 lockdown, claiming he was walking his dog. From this he goes on to pressure her to do “things she doesn’t want, [generándole] daily anxiety attacks due to daily emotional blackmail ”.

The facts in the judge’s possession reconstruct “a history of verbal abuse, in the form of threats, humiliation and humiliation”On an ongoing basis and, although it makes it clear that he has never physically attacked her, it does state that there have been“ situations of violence with breakage of objects in the shared home ”. Eva, however, does not perceive the violence, and it is her co-workers – and therefore also Fran’s -, her mother and even the City Council officials who encourage her to take action.

Eva Martínez, Íñigo Errejón and Fran Muñoz, in a ceremony prior to the 2019 municipal elections.

Eva Martínez, Íñigo Errejón and Fran Muñoz, in a ceremony prior to the 2019 municipal elections.

More Madrid

The report defines him as a “violent person in general, a daily user of hashish, alcohol and cocaine”. In 1995, long before entering politics, Fran Muñoz was sentenced to two years in prison for a crime against public health for dealing with drugs. He avoided jail by paying 50,000 pesetas a month, about 300 euros, for 10 months. He was only behind bars for 72 hours.

Expelled from the party

When Eva said that her ex-partner abused her, each party reacted differently. Leganemos, the municipal government controlled by Fran, initiated a process of Guarantees and Control to investigate what happened, but did not act against him. On the other hand, Más Madrid, the regional brand, started a research plan and suspended him from membership.

“It was slow but sure. More Madrid had a protocol for these cases at the city level, because of Pablo Soto, but not at the regional level. So it took a while, but it was done well, ”says a source close to the process. “More in the case of Fran, with her background,” he adds. In reality, the problems came from afar, even before forming Más Madrid.

In 2016, when the relationship with Eva was still in its early stages, 122 colleagues from Leganemos published a manifesto accusing Fran Muñoz of “Violent attitudes” at work and in the training itself. This behavior, they said, was the cause of the resignation of a councilor, Javier Blanco, of an auxiliary, Susana Alvarado, and the medical discharge of a councilor, Rocío Cruz.

The councilors of Leganemos at the beginning of the 2015 legislature.

The councilors of Leganemos at the beginning of the 2015 legislature.

Let us

“Likewise, there have been numerous resignations in the coordinator and the removal of many of the registered people,” the letter specified. “In the resignation letters presented and in the interventions of the last assemblies, five of the eight members of the municipal group made it clear that they were victims of harassment, intimidation and disrespect constant on the part of the spokesman of the group: insults, verbal attacks, mockery, etc ”, in reference to the leader of Leganemos.

Unlike then, this time the municipal formation has not risen up against Muñoz, nor has it proposed the expulsion of the group he leads. The reason: to maintain the socialist mayoralty of Santiago Llorente with the votes of Leganemos and the specific support of Ciudadanos, whose councilors are not in the Government but are part of the municipal management. Something similar will happen with Fran Muñoz: will continue to decide and be indispensable, but without appearing in the local corporation.

With regard to her ex-partner, it will be up to the judge to dictate whether Fran is an abuser. In their circles they defend that the complaint seeks to end him personally, and that he is innocent; in the others, it has taken a long time to put black on white with a person known for his violent attitudes. For now, with the trial still under investigation, it seems that the rest of the parties, both parties, already have everything clear. In politics it works like this.


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