The PSOE invents the "Spain multilevel" to give "fit into the self-government of Catalonia"

Updated Saturday, July 24, 2021 –

The new roadmap of the Socialists places the resolution of the Catalan question as a “first order objective”

Adriana Lastra, this Saturday.EVA ERCOLANESE

After executing the purge in the Government and in the party with which he plans to survive the second half of the legislature, Pedro Snchez intends to redefine the structural principles of the PSOE with some vague commandments that allow him to design that “new country model” that promised to build, with the participation of the independence movement, after granting pardons to the leaders of the procs.

New frame

After the “nation of nations” and the “multinationality”, the PSOE has decided to create the “modern multilevel Spain”. They explain: “It is the one that offers democratic channels of dialogue and pact within the framework of the law to give solutions to situations such as that of Catalonia, in order to deepen the State of the autonomous regions”.

This broad and abstract concept of “multilevel Spain” will be the tool to articulate a territorial model in which the sovereign Catalonia that aspires to independence fits. This is what the Socialists’ presentation requires, their roadmap for the next four years, in which they set as a “first order objective” to achieve “the best fit for Catalan self-government in the rest of Spain.”

“The Government of Spain has decisively and courageously promoted the reunion agenda,” says the PSOE’s manual of action in implicit reference to the pardons and the subsequent reactivation of the bilateral relationship with the Generalitat, which will begin to become evident the next 2 August with the summit between the two governments to address the co-management of European funds and which will reach its climax in the third week of September.

Then, the table on the “Catalan conflict” will meet again, to which the Government of Pere Aragons will go with two firm requests: the amnesty and the celebration of a new referendum of self-determination.

While waiting to find out if it contradicts its own principles, the PSOE promises to offer Catalonia “dialogue and pact within the law” and a vague “deepening of the State of the autonomous regions”, which will hardly satisfy the independence movement, which rejects the vote of a new Statute or settle for a query like the one recently raised by the already former Minister of Territorial Policy, Miquel Iceta. He proposed “making a tailor-made suit” to Catalonia so that its citizens can vote in a referendum “a great agreement on self-government, financing and participation of the autonomous communities in the design of State policies.”


Sanchez’s “multilevel Spain” – to which the party did not refer in its programs or previous political speeches – promises to delve into “federal co-governance” to fight against “neocentralism”, which it identifies as a new enemy, while not mentioning as such to secessionism. The PSOE guarantees to show “sensitivity towards feelings of belonging [a Espaa] diverse “, but without offering a clear recipe for the resolution of the Catalan independence war, which the President of the Government seems to trust to the improvised negotiation with President Aragons. In more than 300 pages of presentation, Catalonia is only mentioned once.

Fiscal harmonization

The PSOE endorses its idea of ​​undertaking a fiscal “harmonization” process, a commitment reached with ERC to support the Budgets and a point at which the Madrid president, Isabel Daz Ayuso, sees a red line. The socialists do not hide that their objective is to “raise revenue” with mechanisms such as “setting a minimum effective rate on corporation tax” and acting on indirect taxes. “Spain still has room to converge with the European averages”, advances in this sense the script of the PSOE.

Autonomic maladjustment

Clinging to the government delegation in the autonomous communities during the coronavirus pandemic, the PSOE proposes to review the territorial model to resolve the “imbalances of the current autonomous state.” He defends the implementation of this “multilevel system of government” that “recognizes autonomy, financial sufficiency and leadership to local powers to exercise their powers.”

Presidential election

Sánchez also intends to smooth his re-election by modifying the current presidential appointment system. “Our country cannot be at the mercy of blockade majors”, reads the political presentation of the PSOE, to later bet on reforming the election mechanism of the Prime Minister included in article 99 of the Constitution and adopt the current model in Asturias o the Basque Country, which allows the presentation of several candidates at the same time and guarantees the investiture of the one who obtains the greatest parliamentary support.

The socialists argue that this “clears the threat of electoral repetition” that already flew over Sanchez before he tied up the support of the Catalan and Basque secessionists, as recognized by the socialists’ own argument.

Historical memory

The Socialist Party advocates its feminist definition and delves into its policies of “democratic memory” with measures such as sanctioning the apology of Francoism or outlawing foundations and associations whose aims include incitement to hatred or violence against the victims of war. and the dictatorship.

It also proposes the performance of an audit and an inventory of seized assets and of the companies that contributed to the performance of forced labor actions. He wants to demand that they adopt measures to compensate the victims.

“Updating the curricular contents of democratic memory” from primary education and even extending them to the syllabi of access to the public function is also among the pretensions of the PSOE.

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