Married see "sultry" Pedro Sánchez's tour of the USA: "A secretary of state agenda"

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has described as “embarrassing” the tour of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, for the United States by having “an agenda that does not even reach that of Secretary of State.”

“Although tourism in Spain is going very badly, Pedro Sánchez has made tourism this week in the United States,” ironized the president of the PP during the closing of the 16th Autonomous Congress of the PP of the Balearic Islands.

The PP leader has assured that “if Sánchez is with Castro and Maduro, he should not expect Biden to dedicate more than 29 seconds to him in a corridor.”

He has also reproached the Prime Minister for “defending Spanish in California or Dakota” and not doing so in Mallorca, Tarragona or Vizcaya.

Casado has also made fun of Sánchez’s comparison with Superman: “He reaches the summit in 20 seconds, he spends all day flying and, when he speaks, it seems that he is from another planet.”

Likewise, he has criticized that Sánchez “qualifies in Spain as vulture funds the same investors with whom he has met during his tour.” And, he has shown his discontent that Sánchez has not been accompanied by Spanish businessmen on his visit.


Regarding the renewal of the CGPJ, Casado has responded to Sánchez, who ruled out calling him to try to unravel the negotiation, with a question: “Why don’t you let the judges choose the judges?”

During the closing of the 16th Autonomous Congress of the PP of the Balearic Islands, of which Clan Prohens a new president has been appointed, Casado has demanded that Sánchez “stop tightening the neck of Justice” and act with coherence to renew the institutional bodies, allowing the judges to choose the judges as established by the Constitution and the EU.

“Who blocks, the party that defends what Europe and the Magna Carta say or the one that attacks the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court or the Court of Auditors and insults the judges for taking the opposite?” He asked.

“Don’t take us for fools”

Another issue that the president of the PP has spoken about has been Sánchez’s “contradictions”, listing some such as “when he said that he would not agree with Podemos or Bildu, that he would not pardon the prisoners of the ‘procés’ or that he would not raise taxes to the middle and working classes or the price of electricity “. “Do not take us for fools,” he has claimed.

On the other hand, the leader of the PP has criticized that the mayor of Barcelona “corner” in the plenary hall of the Consistory the image of King Felipe VI and has warned of the “contagion effect” of not respecting the institutions.

On the other hand, it has promised to demand that European funds also reach the primary sector and has proposed new regional financing. “We need to sit down now to have a new system that is by consensus and not a swallow to the letter dictated by Puigdemont, Aragonès and Junqueras,” he emphasized.

In addition, it has proposed to promote a public housing plan within the framework of European Union aid, such as the one proposed by Mario Draghi in Italy, it can be financed with the collaboration of public administrations and the private sector.

Finally, he reiterated to the Government the need to have a pandemic law, because in the fifth wave “they have again stumbled on the same stone, that of lies, lack of foresight and incompetence.”


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