At 4:37 am on Saturday 24th July the Moon will reach the phase of fullness, giving us the spectacular Full Moon of the Deer. The astronomical event will be visible from all over Italy, however the actual full moon will be reached when the Earth’s satellite is practically at sunset. Here is everything you need to know to not miss the event.

All’alba on Saturday July 24 we will be able to admire in Darling the splendid Full Moon of the Deer, so called come on Native Americans since this is the month they start at regrow the antlers in males of these majestic animals. The astronomical show will be visible from all over theItaly, although it will be necessary to get up very early to observe the exact moment of the fullness, near the sunset of the celestial object. Furthermore, July is the only month of 2021 characterized by five distinct ones lunar phases, start with the Last Quarter of Thursday 1 and which will end on Saturday 31 with a further Last Quarter. The plenilunio July 24 will be the fourth moon phase of the month. We will not be facing one Superluna as the Full Moon of Flowers last May 26, but it will still be an unmissable event for all astronomy enthusiasts. Here is everything you need to know in order not to miss the spectacle from Italy of the Full Moon of the Deer, also defined as Full Moon of Raspberries e Full Moon of Ripe Cherries.

The date of the full moon of the Deer: when to see it

On Friday 23 July the Moon will rise in the sky a South East, around 20:40 Rome time. It will be nestled between the constellation of Sagittarius (right), that of Capricorn (left) and the Microscope (bottom). Higher up, the constellations of the Eagle and the Shield will be visible. The satellite of the Earth will also be “accompanied” by the two planets gas giants of Solar system, which while not being in Astral conjunction they will be on his left: Saturn will be in the heart of Capricorn, while Jupiter, the farther he will be in the constellation Aquarius. The Ride of the Moon in firmament it will end in the South West, just when the phase of fullness will be reached, expected for 4:37 in the morning. The time window to observe theactual fullness it will be very small, not only on the basis of its geographical position, but also due to any visual obstacles on the horizon. However, since for our eye the lunar disk appears full even many hours before and after the real full moon, we will be able to admire the Full Moon of the Deer practically throughout the night between 23 and 24 July. Even when it will rise again on the evening of Saturday 24th the disc will appear practically full, giving us another show.

Credit: Stellarium

Credit: Stellarium

Luna del Cervo: why is the full moon of July so called

Since Native Americans did not use a Gregorian calendar like ours, but they were based on a lunar calendar, to mark months, seasons and years they referred to full moon. Each full moon was assigned a popular name, related to traditional culture or to some natural event the whole community is particularly significant. Thus were “born” the full moons of the harvest, strawberries, the hunter, wolves, corn and so on. The month of July, as indicated, is dedicated to the deer, an animal that played a very important role in the survival of the tribes. In this month the mighty antlers that fall cyclically begin to grow back in the males, therefore the tribal leaders decided to pay homage to this event of “rebirth” to the deer. It should be borne in mind that there are several Native American communities, so each has given its name to the Full Moon. The most common and used are those of nativi americani algonchinisimply because it is the larger tribe, even today. The Deer Full Moon is also known as the Feather Moulting Moon (Cree), Salmon Moon (Tlingit), Berry Moon (Anishinaabe), Ripe Cherry Moon (Dakota), Ripe Corn Moon (Cherokee) and Raspberry Moon ( Ojibwe).

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