Watching series on the sofa is a perfect plan on these hot days. And, since we know that when the weekend comes the last thing we want is to have to do homework, we keep our appointment every Friday, and we bring you the homework done with the three recommended titles for these rest daysThis way you save yourself wasting time with the eternal listings of the platforms’ catalogs.

So that you can choose according to your personal preferences, in this list you will find proposals of different genres– A premiere comedy, a marathon psychological thriller, and a war miniseries to discover. They are available on Netflix, Apple TV +, and HBO.

The premiere you should not miss: ‘Ted Lasso’ (Apple TV +)

Teaser – ‘Ted Lasso’ (Temporada 2) – Apple TV+

What is it about

A naive football coach is hired by a professional Premier League club. From the first day, his inexperience arouses the distrust and contempt of his players, superiors, fans and sports journalists, but his infectious optimistic spirit ends up conquering them all.

Why you should see it

This comedy was one of the great surprises of 2020. The series that smiled back in the year of the pandemic, returns with new episodes and recharged doses of humor, sensitivity and good vibes to make us believe that the world can be a better place. If there is one thing you can trust, it is that he will make us happy again this summer.

In this second installment the series returns just as funny and he shows that he knows his characters very well, so they will all have plots that will allow them to continue growing. Trip in which, of course, they will have the support of others, because Ted Lasso it is the best cure against cynicism.

Perfect for marathoning: ‘Tabula rasa’ (Netflix)

‘Tabula rasa’ | Trailer | Netflix

What is it about

Mie D’Haeze is held in a mental hospital as the main suspect in a disappearance case. The man they are looking for was last seen with her and, to get out of there, he must collaborate with the detective in charge of the case and prove his innocence. But there is a problem, Mie does not remember that man or anything that happened, so she does not know if they have set her up or if she is really responsible for her disappearance.

Why you should see it

The protagonist of this addictive trhiller He has suffered from anterograde amnesia since he suffered an accident months ago. At that moment lost the ability to retain new memories (as it happened in Memento) and to find the answers you are looking for you will have to rebuild your memory. But the more she remembers, the less she trusts those around her, including his own family.

In nine episodes we see Mie’s journey through the dark labyrinth of her memories in a two-part narrative, and each discovery makes us doubt everything we have been seeing. A script with many pirouettes makes viewing an entertaining and stimulating experience, culminating in a surprising and satisfying ending.

To discover: ‘Generation Kill’ (HBO)

‘Generation Kill’ | Tráiler | HBO

What is it about

This miniseries is based on the experiences of journalist Ewan Wright, a reporter for Rolling Stones magazine, who traveled with the first reconnaissance battalion of the United States Army during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Wright was there two months living with the marines and in that period he managed to gain their trust and have full access. The repercussion of his articles ended the careers of some high officials of that battalion.

Why you should see it

Ed Burns and David Simon demonstrated with The Wire that they are capable of recreating reality like no one else. This was his next project after that emblematic series, a story with which The chains of command are once again called into question, while they follow a group of marines during the 40 days it took them to reach Baghdad in the Iraq war.

With the mixture of pre-combat boredom and excitement, plus the helplessness produced by discovering that the mission for which they put their lives at stake is completely meaningless, we travel with an elite group serving inept leaders. A road movie war that shows us how chaotic and absurd war is, no matter what name it has.

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