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Sometimes age is not synonymous with maturity, and this was demonstrated by a teenager who at 16 discovered a romantic relationship that his father kept secret with his maternal aunt. You won’t believe what he did.

His intention was to expose them in public, for which he summoned them in the same restaurant without them knowing about the presence of the other, which was noticed since the father arrived questioning his daughter for not telling him.

The young woman explained that both her mother and her aunt met her father when they were in college, at which time they both ended up madly in love with him, however she had to make the decision and chose the woman with whom she would have a daughter.

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To expose them, he decided to go up on the restaurant scene and ask his aunt to do it too. There she thanked him for having been by her side in difficult times and expressed that her mother would be very happy that she and her father stayed together for the rest of her life.

How? The mother of the young protagonist of the video unfortunately lost her life during the part, leaving as a last will before entering the operating room that if you had to choose between the life of one, to save the then baby.

The aunt has played the role of mother, because in addition to her taking care of her and her mother during pregnancy, she also remained very close to her during her childhood and adolescence.

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After a short speech on stage, he decided to sing the song “Never leave me” by Juan Gabriel, which provoked an emotional reaction among those present.

After the song and with her father on stage, she asked her mother figure to accept her as her daughter. Meaning this the beginning of a new family.


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