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No, you don’t have to get tired of being right. Florestan.

Yesterday I told you about the derivations that Dr. Arturo Erdely has made about the real accounting of the covid in Mexico of which he told me: the government has never had epidemic control, it never managed to tame the pandemic, nor did it flatten the curve, nor did it end the first wave.

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According to its factors and derivatives, the infections as of today, when the official figure is two million 693 thousand 495 cases, are actually 77.8 million.

And the deaths, which according to the official number last night reached 237 thousand 207, must be multiplied by 2.18 which gives a total of 517 thousand 111, in line with the excess mortality.

Thus, real numbers of infections and deaths, give a real picture of the dimensions of the pandemic, well above the official versions.

Yesterday, contagions again reached highs in this wave, 15,198, which were not seen in the first when the 10,000 were never exceeded, and deaths reached 397.

This I have to relate to vaccination. Yesterday, with a complete scheme, they reached 22 million 290 thousand 247 people, plus 16 million 753 thousand 701 with a dose, which gives a total of 39 million 43 thousand 948.

But the point is not what they wear, but what is missing. For a full dose, 72.7 million Mexicans are pending and there are 56 million without a single dose.

This is the reality that, added to the relaxation of health measures and the presence of the Delta variant, plus the inability of the health authority to adapt to the new reality of the virus, is leading us to a peak unimaginable not long ago and, therefore, the uncontrollable tendencies, which belittles the official discourse that Mexico is a world example of fighting the pandemic.


1. NOTHING.- When Santiago Nieto yesterday morning, given the detail of the UIF investigation on financing Pegasus espionage, they asked him, you know the 4-T reporters, if he would seek the Presidency in 2024 and he replied: shoemaker to your shoes , that is, not to mention. Who will have sowed the question ?;

2. LOST.- Michoacán is already a failed state. In the presence of the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel, and its battle to take over the square, the crisis in Aguililla, where even Pope Francis sent a message that they are not alone, the self-defense groups, the massacres, which officially no longer exist, and the unpunished railway blockades, one asks, where is the authority? And no, he is not, he is absent; Y

3. JURISDICTION.- The one that has Florencia Serranía, the disappeared and protected former director of the Metro, after the collapse and tragedy of May 3. From then on she received the official protection that even rescued her from her appearance in the local Congress. Let’s see if it is enough to remove her from the investigation of the capital prosecutor’s office. Sure yes.

See you tomorrow, but in private.

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