In France it will no longer be possible to chop male chicks alive: what is Italy waiting for?

After Germany, France too has decided to ban one of the most barbaric practices perpetrated against animals in intensive farming: the systematic extermination of male chicks, considered useless and expensive. The small birds, in fact, are separated from the females and chopped alive, or crushed or suffocated with gas because they do not produce eggs. In Italy 40 million are killed every year. Our country is now expected to follow a good example.

Among the most barbaric practices adopted in the intensive farming there is the systematics elimination gods male chicks, which come chopped live, crushed O gasati With the’carbon dioxide according to the “extermination modalities” used by the center. The reason is simple: males they do not produce eggs, therefore in a breeding of laying hens keeping them alive would only cost them. So through special belt machinery the chicks are sieved one by one to separate the females dai males: the former will lead a life of hell to produce life-long eggs, often locked in skimpy cages or overcrowded free-range farms; male chicks, as indicated, are immediately directed to the death machines. Now this horrible but widespread practice will be banned in France from 2022, after the announcement in an interview with Le Parisien by the Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie, who brought to a conclusion the regulatory process initiated in 2020 by his predecessor Didier Guillaume.

In France every year about 50 million male chicks are killed in this atrocious way, while in the Italian laying hen farms, where the practice is equally exploited, about 40 million are slaughtered. THE transalpine they are the second in Europe to put an end to this massacre; the same decision had in fact already been taken by Germany. Many other countries are now expected to follow suit, including ours. Switzerland, meanwhile, has banned the chopping and crushing of chicks since 2020, but still allows killing with carbon dioxide. Of course, in intensive farms, designed to maximize profits, they will not let the “useless” male chicks grow anyway. The factories will in fact be equipped with special machinery able to determine the sex of thedeveloping embryo from the analysis of man, through the spectrophotometry. Eggs containing a male will be destroyed before hatching. Since all farms will have to equip themselves with these devices, the French government has allocated 10 million euros to finance the purchase. It is estimated that this change in the management of male chicks will result in a very slight increase in costs for the consumer, just one euro cent for a six-egg pack.

In addition to the end of the extermination of male chicks, Minister Denormandie has announced the stop of another atrocious practice in use against farmed animals. In fact, from 1 January 2022 it will no longer be possible castrate male pigs. This operation is carried out to obtain larger and fatter pigs, as well as to eliminate that “wild” smell typical of wild boar meat (from which the pig derives). Castration will be eliminated in most of the pig farms, but not everywhere: in some destined for certain products, it will still be allowed, subject to painless anesthesia of the specimen.

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